Nicole Kidman Gets Cozy With Keith Urban

(Image renoved at request of owner – look for them in a tabloid coming to your supermarket soon.)

Nicole Kidman and her parents spent Thanksgiving with Keith Urban and his parents. Ms. Kidman’s parents are said to be thrilled that Nicole is dating someone who isn’t of the alien persuasion.

Kidman flew with her mum and dad to Urban’s Tennessee home for the annual celebration. The following day, Kidman and her father were seen out jogging, while Urban and the two mothers took a gentle stroll together.

The smitten couple and their parents were later photographed out shopping together. However, the actress’s publicist still insists the pair aren’t dating and are just good friends.

However, Oscar-winner Kidman, who reportedly began dating the fellow Australian in July, was seen strolling in Boston last month with what looked like an engagement ring. Kidman has also been seen joining Urban, who has sold millions of records in America, on tour and the pair have reportedly enjoyed endless intimate meals together.

(The photos were of her and Keith embracing, Nicole getting off of a plane and walking together. They were actually cute photos.)

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