Nicole Kidman, Former Scientologist?

According to insiders, Page Six reveals that Nicole Kidman was pretty deeply involved in the religion. However at some point she became disillusioned by Scientology Other than the obvious reason why Nicole and Tom Cruise divorced, this would give a probable explanation.

Scientology insiders tell PAGE SIX Kidman didn’t just “take a few courses” while married to ex-husband Tom Cruise, as was commonly assumed, but actually reached an elite level of the religion called “OT II” that only select Scientologists attain. The extent of Kidman’s involvement was kept under wraps, our spies tell us, because Scientology elders worried it looked bad to have a public figure delve so deeply into the religion and suddenly bolt. Kidman’s alleged disillusionment with the faith would explain her friction with Cruise over Scientology, which many people close to the couple blame for their 2001 divorce.

Nicole has some balls after all. Another ex of Tom’s hasn’t developed hers yet. Rebecca de Mornay has some dirt on Tom, but she won’t tell. “Tom Cruise was a boyfriend of mine. We lived together. I can’t comment on that stuff publicly ’cause it doesn’t help anybody. I could tell you more if you weren’t a journalist.”

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