Nicole Kidman Buys Baby Clothes

The Daily Mail reports that Nicole went baby-shoppin’. Or at least her lackey did.

Nicole Kidman has added fuel to the rumours she is pregnant with husband Keith Urban’s child by splashing out more than £350 on baby gear.

The actress told her assistant to call boutique Petit Tresor in Los Angeles and order a selection of goodies for a newborn baby.

“The items were purchased using Nicole Kidman’s credit card,” a source at the shop said.

A comment on that source says that her sister is knocked up, so it could be the work of a dutiful, excited soon-to be-aunt. But if it means she’s knocked up, then she is living in a Danielle Steele novel. Divorced from short, loony tunes closet case Hollywood superstar, mother of two adopted kids, married to county singer who knocks her up while in rehab. It’s the stuff of Lifetime movie legend. And the only person talented enough to play this part is Melissa Sue Gilbert. She has the chops, the background, the very soul to bring it to life on the small screen. And she recently played a lady who got her nipple bitten off by her dog because she was smearing peanut butter on it for the dog to lick. She’s the Meryl Streep of made for tv.