Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban Head Off On Their Honeymoon

June 26th, 2006 // 10 Comments

Don’t they look happy! Following a candlelit and tearful ceremony, the newly married couple headed off for the South Pacific to spend a romantic honeymoon by the waterfront. The couple is either heading to Fiji or Tahiti.

Several reports have suggested the pair have spent up to 250,000 Australian dollars (US$183,000; euro146,000) to hire out Fiji’s exclusive Wakaya Club Resort for a week.

The ultra-exclusive island resort is a preferred destination for superstars seeking to avoid the prying eyes of paparazzi and celebrity gawkers. It is also where Rolling Stones rocker Keith Richards injured his head after reportedly falling out of a palm tree in April.

However, Fiji was once a favored vacation spot for Kidman and her former husband, Tom Cruise, prompting speculation that she and Urban will opt instead for a luxury resort on Tahiti’s Bora Bora island.

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban honeymoon begins [AP]

More photos of Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman on their honeymoon, after the jump.


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. maryanne29

    What’s the next press release for this never-ending wedding? Keith and Nicole put on their sunscreen?

  2. Grace

    I hope Nicole finally finds happiness with Keith!!!! She deserves it after being married to Psycho Cruise.

  3. Grace

    I hope Nicole finally finds happiness with Keith!!!! She deserves it after being married to Psycho Cruise.

  4. Sandy

    Nicole and Keith look happy. Let’s hope the press and their fans let them stay that way…

  5. Maddyboy

    Damn! Keith Urban has a nice ass!

  6. Helen Sparkles

    Wow,you know how celebrity weddings can give the appearance of all style and no substance, so much so I am sooo disinterested except to bet on how long it will last! But this looks so lovely, sincere smiles, genuine happiness, and makes my heart swell with wishes of future happiness.

    Tom always maintained she knows what she did, I bet she dissed scientology and now he can brainwash kitty kat kate. Nicole was just too smart and now has by far the more interesting career; not much of a surprise given he is the most talentless actor in Hollywood bar Bruce Willis.

  7. nana

    She didn’t deserve Tom.

    He was totally devoted to her, pushing her in the limelight etc
    but she never care for Tom and the kids.
    I beleive the nanny: “she never saw her around the house”

    she spent her time making movies

    bitch; not katie, she is sweet! Tomis a georgous man, keith look girly

    Poor keith he will have to be so ignore by his wife!

  8. TJ

    Strike that…reverse it!

    Tom is an insane clown.
    Katie is his zombie slave

    Kieth and Nicole are a classier and better looking couple by far.

  9. Mire

    Sorry Nic wants the press along she is washed up and knows it !!!! She drags Keith around like a puppy- why is he married to someone who looks older the his Mum ???? It’s all about fame and money!!!

  10. Millie

    What will Nic do next to try a win the PR look at me look at me game!!!! I can’t wait to see just hope it’s not a baby Keith will forever be stuck to Her!!!! GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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