Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig Get it On

January 3rd, 2007 // 5 Comments

For the pages of W magazine that is. If Nicole decides to kick Keith Urban to the curb anytime soon, she may want to consider hooking up with Daniel Craig. They make for one hot photo shoot.

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By Jessica Marx

  1. cricket

    That would be the best thing to happen to Keith Urban since June if she takes off with Daniel Craig.It would probably be the kiss of death for Daniel’s career though.

  2. Nicole looks like she’s lying in a casket. Warning peoples: Botox paralyses and you may be mistaken for dead.

  3. Miki

    Sickening that this bloke is looking to do a GAY scene in a Bond movie, and here he is with the cadaverish (and plastic) Kiddman.

    Perhaps he should stick to male underwear models and quit trying to persude the public he can play straight.

  4. Not that Daniel Craig needs me to defend him, but he is distinctly un-starry, just promoting himself in the 2 films he is in with Nicole Kidman. Wary of invading his own privacy, he once admitted that ‘self-promotion, for me, is like going to the dentist.’ He has become more open, being less so would have defeated the object of doing the Bond film, but manages to be interesting without sharing intimacies we have no need of. He has also said ‘If someone in my past decides they want to write about me, there’s nothing I can do about it. It’s their thing, it’s what they’re going through’, which strikes me as a sound philosophy. In the UK, we are happy for our actors to act, we don’t need them to be stars, and especially not stars who can’t act. We are happy for Daniel that he has a girlfriend, & even happier Nicole is no threat, apart from possibly sleeping with Sienna, Daniel Craig is too sensible for those kind of shenanigans. He is also always lovely to my friend Liz who has interviewed him.,,1980421,00.html

  5. Gabrieldæmon

    well, i happen to think they look great together and nicole kidman is an amazing actress.

    Daniel is pretty hot ( good at acting too)

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