Nicole Kidman Almost Got She To A Nunnery

January 17th, 2008 // 13 Comments

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Expecting a baby with her husband, Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman is much more optimistic about marriage and relationships than she was feeling after her divorce from Tom Cruise. According to Andrew Morton’s revealing book about the actor, “Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography,” Nicole was seriously looking at “nunneries in Australia that would admit women who had been married.”

Morton reveals that Kidman’s major source of frustration as a result of the divorce stems from the fact that she sees her and Tom’s adopted children much less than she would like to, most likely a result of her leaving Scientology while Tom remained a devout member, along with the children. This is just more information coming from the book, which also alleges that before TomKat was TomKat, Tom was trying to hit up Jennifer Garner. Yay! This is awesome. I was missing all my crazy Tom Cruise news. I can’t wait until he starts trying to fix Britney with vitamins.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. PinkWeenie

    I still maintain that if Nicole wanted to see her children, she could and she would. Scientology cannot override court orders and legal judgements if she were to make the effort to get them, and a judge would surely allow her as much time with her children as she would want. She just doesn’t want.

    She has chosen her career and now her junkie husband over those kids and they are better off without her.

  2. blah

    I don’t think you realize how batshit crazy these Scientology people are. They have a ton of money and can hire the best lawyers out there. Besides, they are known for using intimidation tactics and can get pretty underhanded. People who have tried to leave that cult have died under highly suspect circumstances. I wouldn’t doubt that she is scared not only for herself but for her kids. Besides, they have been brought up in this environment, so they likely have decided they don’t want to see her. They are both teenagers now and don’t have to see thier mom if they don’t want to.

  3. mb

    Nicole is a good person. I bet those Scientologists have made it so difficult for her to see her children that she just gave it up. Tom won, she moved on with her life. Nicole seems like a good person as does Keith Urban and I for one wish them well. She will make a great Mother and having a biological child that Tom Cruise cannot “take” from her will be a plus.

  4. D.C.

    Tom Cruise’s heart still set on Jennifer Garner. He doesn’t love Katie as much as he loves Jennifer Garner.

  5. Emstar

    Jennifer Garner is fairly tall, no? Like, 5’9 or 5’10? So if tall is his type, then why does KatE need to slump and wear low heels at all? Oh, well. Jennifer may be fairly bland, but I can’t see her sticking to the “magical, amazing” script too long before giving him a sweet kick in the Tommies.

  6. someone

    Thats a great pic of Keith and Nicole…I wish them all the best, and hope they have a healthy happy baby…I think she still sees the other kids, I just don’t think she sees them as much as she wants…

  7. Esther Greenwood

    I read somewhere that $cientology makes people confess all of their demons on videotape before they are allowed to join, and now they’re using those tapes to blackmail Nic into giving up most of her rights for her kiddos. Which actually seems plausible…

  8. WellBelowAverage

    I have to agree with PinkWeenie on this…while I am an avid fan of anything negative about Tom Cruise (whom I hated passionately even when he was “normal”), the idea that Nicole has no power to see her kids is ridiculous. It’s not as if Tom is a celebrity with powerful lawyers and Nicole has to go right from her shift at McDonald’s to clean the Dairy Queen downtown after it closes and therefore has no time to meet with lawyers. She’s got just as much – or more – dough than he has, and has all the time in the world to spend lobbying for visitation. Moreover, if the kids are so into Scientology that they don’t want to see their non-wacko mother, that’s even more of a reason for her to use whatever force is neccessary to get them into her care pronto. AND as to the Scientologists having dirt on Nicole….You could videotape me making sweet sweet monkey love to R. Kelly, Paris Hilton, AND the Oxy Clean guy, then signing my name in blood to swear my eternal loyalty to the devil, then confessing that I was the one who “counted” Florida’s votes in the last presidential election, and THEN allow Pete Wentz to apply my eyeliner while wearing nothing but pasties and a pair of clown shoes, and I would PAY to have it broadcast during Super Bowl halftime if it would get me a little time with my children. Fellow moms, am I overstating this?

  9. Zekers

    No, WellBelowAverage, you’re not.

  10. krystyn

    WellBelowAverage I don’t think you overstated it, but if she admitted to things that were bad enough, and it was played, she could face legal action or perhaps a judge/court would look so unfavorably upon her, she would get NO rights to the kids.

    Stop being naive everyone and think that its easy for Nicole to just call up an attorney and demand more visitation time.

    Tom and Nicole are two extremely busy people, so visitation would have to be worked out between the two. Without cooperation from him, and the kids themselves, a court order for more visitation wouldn’t mean crap.

    Also, the point that the children are so entrenched in Scientology that they don’t want to see her, is very valid. She can’t FORCE them to see her, a judge will listen to children of their age when it comes to issues like this….

  11. Sloane

    I really think those kids have been sort of brainwashed against her and it has probably been very hurtful to her. Look at how Tom’s mother apparently left her husband to visit Tom and didn’t come back, Katie, his sister, they all seem to disassociate themselves from others. If the kids were young, they would be easily influenced. They see her – they were at her wedding, but weren’t they also whisked away immediately afterward? And when Nicole complained how the kids aren’t calling her mom all the time, which would hurt, Katie quickly comes out with they call her mom? It seems to be a team effort to exclude Nicole. Really hoping she has a healthy baby. And her two older children may feel differently when they are older.

  12. who_cares

    mb, how do you know she is a good person? LOL. It is too funny when people make comments like they “know” the celebs personally.

  13. mb

    I know she is a good person because I know people in Hollywood who know her. If you read my comment I also say that she “seems” like a good person. I don’t profess to being her best friend. I just think that people criticize her and she SEEMS to be a great girl with a good heart. I have a cousin who works in Hollywood and knows Nicole. That is why I say she is nice.

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