Nicole Kidman to Have Her Parents Deliver Her Baby

January 16th, 2008 // 10 Comments

Nicole Kidman is keeping her face concealed from the paparazzi as best as she can, while exiting a restaurant. I have to say that I would think that a woman so concerned with hiding her identity, probably should invest in a more opaque dress–except that I actually like the dress, despite myself.

And the delivery room where Nicole plans to have her baby is going to be a very exclusive, VIP affair. In fact, Nicole is hoping to have her parents, Dr. Anthony Kidman and Janelle Kidman, deliver her baby when the child is born. Reportedly, they did the same for her sister and Nicole would like to keep it in the family. I don’t know how comfortable I’d feel about my dad fetching my baby out of my womb, but then again, he was a pilot.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. cuddlesmcgee

    Kidman was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, the daughter of Janelle Ann (née MacNeille), a nursing instructor who edits her husband’s books and was a member of the Women’s Electoral Lobby, and Dr. Anthony David Kidman, a biochemist, clinical psychologist and author, with an office in Lane Cove, Sydney? How does this qualify them to help her with a birth?

  2. Hey Cupcake

    She’s covering her face because the botox’s wearing off! Duh.

  3. busyness

    “but…he was a pilot”.

    Funny stuff!

  4. Loob

    “I don’t know how comfortable I’d feel about my dad fetching my baby out of my womb, but then again, he was a pilot.”

    Ahahaha!! Oh, Lisa!
    My first actual laugh out loud for the day.

  5. Loob

    hehehe Yeah cuddlesmcgee, I see your point!
    My husband is a DR of mathematics, perhaps they should get his help too. :D

  6. Cincinnati

    I want her to go back to red hair. It was so pretty. This blonde color washes her out. And then her clothes wash her out. I just saw her in Practical Magic and she was so gorgeous. Her face doesn’t look like she used to at all. Too bad. People are getting their faces cut up and plumped up younger and younger. So sad.

  7. Not an Aussie

    It looks warm there. I want to be wearing my summer dresses! Instead I’m wearing 2 layers and my heaviest coat today. I’m over winter.

  8. Nanc'

    Can you (women) imagine having your DAD delivering your child?? I know I’m an “older woman” but, damn! That’s just weird…and gross.

  9. Nanc'

    p.s. BTW, what if something goes wrong with the mom or baby? Isn’t there some sort of doctors’ code that says you shouldn’t treat your own loved ones?

    On another note, I had 3 children without painkillers of any kind. If my daughters want me to be with them when/if they deliver, I’ll be there but I dread seeing them dealing with that kind of pain.

  10. Zekers

    I with you Nanc’!

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