Nicole Kidman’s Baby Due In July?

Hopefully it will come out waving sparklers. Wait, it will be born in Australia. Nix that. Sources, including Nicole’s Mom Janelle, are saying that Nicole Kidman looks to be due in July. I can’t wait to go to a fourth of july cookout, get drunk on jello shots and have fun making up baby names. I like Prunella or Juana. Nicole’s Moms told Australia’s Herald Sun that the baby might be due around Nicole’s 41st birthday. Which is in July. Nicole has dropped out of the Ralph Fiennes pic “The Reader” to get rested up to reproduce and says she’s “very excited…thrilled” about her pregnancy. I would be too. Her other “children” are calling Katie Holmes Mom. Time to try for some loyal ones.

And check out this pic. They were having a bad day, huh? Nicole does not wish to be photographed with that sheep-looking perm or whatever that is. Must have been a hot day.