Nicole Kidman Looking Slightly More Animated Than Usual

December 5th, 2007 // 13 Comments

Nicole Kidman’s really loosened up. She’s really been looking very pale and withdrawn lately. Stuck in some sort of malaise. Like a repressed librarian. But here she’s finally look vibrant and youthful. She’s really letting the interior Nicole that’s made of rainbows shine forth! Being the ex-wife of the world’s wackiest actor, and current wife to a rehab casualty country singer can wear one down. She looks ready to take on the world! It’s like she’s sailing back into our lives on that boat from “Dead Calm”. Ready to shoot a harpoon gun straight into our hearts and spear our love for her!

p.s. Yes, I’m aware that this is a wax figure of Nicole Kidman from Madame Tussaud’s.

Photos: Getty Images

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By J. Harvey

  1. ak

    oh my gosh, i thought it was really her since shes so “waxy” looking all the time

  2. Loob

    Maybe if she sees this she’ll realise just how godawful her hair colour is, and go back to her natural red.
    The figure does look quite realistic, MUCH better than Tussaud’s usually do. It’s weird that they didn’t colour in the lips properly, but I guess it looks even more real that way.

  3. emma

    Nicole is much prettier and has deeper blue eyes! Its not bad for a copy, but pretty hard to make a slab of wax look completely lifelike. I’ll give it a B-. I wonder if Nicole will go see it? It’s probabily an honor to be chosen for this.

  4. candycane

    why did they make her lips look so shitty? it looks like the color in the middle has been worn away. she needs to reapply.

  5. eseu

    She look absolutely real. I have never known white women to be beautiful but I think this one is beautiful.

  6. Caroline

    I think the doll is exceptionally well done. Very life-like, and Madame Tussaud has really succeeded in capturing Nicole’s amazing beauty and sweetness so well.

  7. Kat

    Hooray! Nicole has gotten beautiful again….gone was the washed out, bleached out, no-color hair, the bloodshot eyes, the dead look………oh wait a second….that’s a picture of a wax figure!

  8. Applespice

    Woah- I was so about to come on here and write ‘wow, she looks so beautiful! I never thought I’d say that about her!’ then I realized it was her wax figure….

  9. cee

    i ABSOLUTELY thought that was really her…
    AMAZING job! she looks better in wax than in life!

  10. beautyandthebeast

    Wow, it must be sad to find out that the her wax figure is better looking than her!

  11. christine

    she looks like darryl hannah.

  12. T-Bone

    Totally right, Christine. She looks exactly like a young darryl hannah here. The wax person actually looks better than Nicole – sad to say.

  13. Caroline

    Envy is a terrible thing..

    Look at all those green, mean people here. lol

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