Nicole Kidman’s Scientology Retinal Implant Revealed

So THAT’S how Tom Cruise is keeping tabs on her ass! She’s her own surveillance device. Flashbulbs can do creepy things. She looks like she has a glass eye. Nicole Kidman could seriously supplant Sandy Duncan as America’s premier celebrity glass eye wearer. Nicole Kidman has revealed that her adopted kids with Tom Cruise don’t call her Mom. Probably because she has nothing to do with them anymore. You rarely see her photographed with them anymore, and Tom and Katie are always at their sporting events. You know Tom has turned them against her and she barely hears from them. That’s sad, but she can always reason that they didn’t come from her body. I’m kidding. Nicole says “my kids don’t call me mommy, they don’t even call me mom. They call me Nicole, which I hate and tell them off for it.” So she’s like “f*ck off, kids”? She should be telling her ex-closet case off. He’s the diabolical mastermind that’s controlling the minds of her children. Nicole also says that the kids are being raised as Scientologists but that she’s not going to “go there”. I like how Nicole is kinda upfront lately. I can’t wait to hear how Tom filed for divorce because she discovered him in her nightie and a wig.