Nicole Kidman’s Nude Pregnant Photos

May 20th, 2008 // 12 Comments

Nicole Kidman has officially picked a photographer to shoot photos of her pregnant body, much like the ones of Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and the original Demi Moore. Famous photographer Patrick Demarchelier will be taking the photos, but not for a while.

According to a source, “Nicole wants to wait until she looks really pregnant.”

So I’m guessing this photos will be taken sometime in June, since Nicole is due in July. Hopefully the baby isn’t born premature before the photos are taken.

Then Nicole would only be able to get a ridiculous amount of money for one set of photos, rather than two. What a shame.

Photos: WENN

More photos of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban leaving a Bryan Adams concert are after the jump.

Photos: WENN

By Intern Traci

  1. that money better go in the kid’s college fund….

  2. someone

    I think if this story is true, she is probably doing it just for herself, she has wanted a bio baby for so long, and probably knows she may not have any more,she just wants a pic of it..she seems so happy in all her recent pictures.

  3. naya

    boo! hiss! miscarriage jokes are never funny.

  4. JanePitt

    God, my eyes, they burn with the thought of her nasty body sans clothes. Hopefully, they will coverup herbotoxed face.

  5. devil

    Naya…what miscarriage joke(s)?

    Nicole looks lovely and I’m very happy for her. I’ve never been too fond of naked, pregnant celeb pics, but I guess I’m in the minority.

  6. Logan

    Nicole looks like something alien is about to explode out of her forehead! Goodness – what a HUGE bulge on that melon of hers – it’s BIGGER than her baby bump!

  7. nolamama

    What miscarriage joke??

    Those giant fake lips look so ridiculous on her. She used to have such an appealing, tomboyish quality…now she just looks like an absolute mess.

  8. hoolio

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  9. hoolio

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