Nicole Kidman Named Goodwill Ambassador

April 23rd, 2008 // 9 Comments

Photos: AP Images

A pet cause of Nicole Kidman’s has been working with the U.N. Development Fund for Women, an organization whose goal is the worldwide eradication of violence against women. Showing her continuing support for the cause, she is seen here at the U.N. Headquarters in New York, where she was named a Goodwill Ambassador for the fund.

The online petition she has been promoting since its launch late November of last year has amassed over 200,000 signatures, helping to raise awareness of the U.N.’s Say No to Violence Against Women.

Meanwhile, on a side note, I feel like Nicole still has one of the tiniest pregnant bellies I’ve ever seen. She seriously just looks like she maybe ate a whole pot roast at once, and she’s working on slowly digesting it. I don’t know whether to be impressed or disturbed. Either way, she’s championing a good cause!


9 more photos of Nicole Kidman at the U.N. are after the jump.

Photos: Getty Images

By Lisa Timmons

  1. She deserves this big time… i’m happy for her!

  2. Anon

    Did anyone notice in the one side pic of her the pit stain on her dress???? It’s a huge one!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen her make such a “faux paux” like that before!!

  3. peachpie

    i think that might be a purse of some sort, rather than a pit stain.

  4. anon

    peachpie, ??????? WTF are you looking at. That’s no purse!!!

  5. Ashley

    That was the first thing I noticed, Anon.


    Sweating up a storm!

  6. peachpie

    well…maybe i need glasses. but that doesn’t look like a pit stain to me. you can kinda see the back end of it coming out from under her arm in the back. oh well… if it’s a pit stain, it’s a very unusual faux pas for her. but i’m still goin’ with a black purse of some sort. ;)

  7. Stacy

    Why doesn’t she work on saving her children first? And why the hell is she holding her dress like that? Trying to show the world that she really does have a baby in there? That first picture is ridiculous. Amazing how much it’s grown since last Monday.

  8. sue

    ..umm… it almost looks as though.. well… her nose.. from a underneath view… (first photo of the extra ones)…. that she has a deviated septum.. or whatever that is called.. when you’ve been snorting too much cocaine.. mm.. i wonder.. surely not!?

  9. kat

    sue, you sound like maybe you’ve been snorting something LOL

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