Nicole Kidman Still Wrinkle-Free After All These Years

October 9th, 2007 // 30 Comments

OK, now Nicole Kidman seems like a nice lady who pretty much keeps to herself, but since they pay me to, I feel obligated to point out that she’s got the most suspiciously perfect face that I believe that I’ve ever seen. That aside, I do love her outfits–she always wears such elegant classy stuff. Oh wait, I guess that’s what you wear when you have millions and millions of dollars. OK, well enough about these pictures–Nicole is currently attached to a project, which could possibly have her teaming up with Julia Roberts. The film is entitled, “Monte Carlo” and is based on a book that tells the story of three school teachers who pretend to be socialites in that city to try and get themselves super-rich husbands. Someone has apparently been reading my diary. But Nicole is definitely on board and Julia is seriously considering a role as one of the teachers. Ooh, maybe the third teacher could be Eddie Murphy in fat-suit drag. I know, I know, but I hadn’t recycled that joke in a while and I’m feeling lazy.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. MelloDrama

    Why is it that NO ONE ever mentions that obvious fact that Nic’s lips are becoming trout pout like Meg Ryan’s? Am I the only one noticing the unnatural separation at the corners of her mouth? Ick.

  2. Robin

    Am I the only one who thinks shes starting to look like Meg Ryan, especially the collagen filled lips.

  3. green cardigan

    It’s a pity she’s gone down that botox route. She was so pretty and natural looking before. She is starting to look odd. If you pulled one of her cheeks it would probably stretch out a foot from her face before boinging back into position.

  4. Robin

    lol… I guess im not!

  5. Kare

    I’m too lazy to look at before an after (though her lips look a bit puffy), but my take on her face is that 1. the hair style is very UNflattering and even shows roots, 2. I understood that she has always avoided the sun and seem to remember she had some sort of sensitivity (sun avoidance may account for lack of wrinkles, but it wouldn’t account for gravity), and 3. she has “stress face.” She looks like she’s stressed out. That a movie star of her calibre would do her root-showing hair in that fashion with her face looking so defeated tells me it’s a statement as much as it is a condition.

    I’m not a psychotherapist, I just play one on blogs.

  6. marni

    I see a well-known Canadian dematologist.He says it’s all due to botox..he says Renee Z is also a heavy-duty both cases my doc says the ladies need to go easier as it robs your face of expression.Marni

  7. Persistent Cat

    I always liked Nicole Kidman because she’s total class. I also liked her because she embraced her paleness and had thin lips. In case you haven’t figured it out, I’m total class, totally pale and have thin lips. Now seeing her with all that collagen in her lips and the over-botoxed face makes me sad. Plus I think she might have cheek implants. And maybe an eye lift, something has to explain those eyebrows. I wear my hair back a lot and my eyebrows never go that bad. Could you imagine the headaches.

    As for her clothing, she always looks fantastic.

  8. leilah

    I personally think her mouth looks more like Melanie Griffith (tho’ not quite as bad).

    But just when I think that she’s wearing the most boring outfit I’ve seen on her, look closer: subtle pearl beading on the dress; matching, delicate pearl chandelier earrings; killer shoes so dainty and delicate — a perfect compliment to the dress — that my big wide feet would kick the shit outta… As gorgeous as ever.

  9. stolidog

    shoot me in the head if they cast renee zelwigger (however you spell it) as the 3rd teacher.

    as for nicole, she should just never smile, it makes her cheeks look like handles…i guess that could be good under certain circumstances.

  10. Kat

    This is the old Nicole we all fell in love with

    I have no idea who this white skinned, blonde hair, big lipped freaky looking person is! Her skin is so white and her hair so bleached out, it makes the whites of her eyes always look grey!

  11. Persistent Cat

    Forgot to offer my kudos on adding Eddie Murphy in a fatsuit. We always add Bea Arthur to a cast but once she kicks in, I think fat-suited Eddie might be her replacement. If he plays his cards right.

  12. Lana

    In Canada, she is referred to as “poster girl for too much botox” by the medical establishment. Shame, she’s stunning otherwise.

  13. nolamama

    She was a freckle faced, frizzy haired, adorable tomboy before Hollywood got ahold of her. That current face (and hair, for that matter) is against all laws of God and nature. What a shame.

  14. Neurophillly

    The lips are too plumped, the makeup is bad, the eyebrow makeup artist should be sent to beauty school 101 for that disastrous effect. I prefer her hair with more red and she should buy some eyedrops that actually help her red/grey/whatever coloured eyes!

    That said, Cate Blanchett has few wrinkles, Naomi Watts has few wrinkles, and I (also an Aussie by birth and 45 years old) have very few wrinkles. I have a million chins but no wrinkles. Maybe its all the skincare advice Aussie kids get at a very young age? I don’t know if she Botox overdoses or not but don’t judge just by the lack of wrinkles – my face is smoother than hers and I have 5 more years on the clock.


  15. Starla

    Doesn’t she (or anyone) realize she can botox the crap out of her face, but can’t hide the saggy or lined skin on her neck or hands?? Think Madonna. No thanks.

  16. CJW

    She appears stiff, dry and rigid and smacks of Joan Crawford. What the hell Keith sees in that is beyond me….

  17. Chaz

    The more “Hollywood” she’s gotten, the worse she’s looked (and it’s more than just the normal aging process at work here).

    She got her Oscar just in time; since she’s so weird looking now and box office poison to boot, I think her career is just about over.

  18. elpepe

    botoxed forehead…………….

  19. ZeldaF

    I’m NOT jumping on the same band wagon as the rest of you. I happen to think Nicole looks FABULOUS!!! She’s not the same freckle faced kid we fell in love with, she’s 20 years older and much, much thinner. As we age, our faces become more angular, she’s still the same woman, just older. Ok, I agree, looks like there is definitely some collagen or rystalene goin on in her lips but I certainly don’t think she looks deformed like some of you do. You cut your hair, have it colored darker or bleached. You bleach your teeth, wear contacts, buy designer clothes, etc., to make youselves look better. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH A LITTLE ENCHANCEMENT, AS WE AGE??? Those of you complaining the loudest are probably still very young. Give yourselves a few years, approach your mid 40′s and then see how you feel about it. And if you still deny that you’d do “something” given the opportunity, ESPECIALLY IF IT WERE OFFERED AT NO COST – I would not believe 70% of you. Now let’s skip back to the photos of Pam Anderson and see which of you are there declaring she looks rode hard, hung up wet to dry and really, really needs to go for a little botox or rystalened. Ok, that’s my vent. That said, I think that Melanie Griffith looks like a freak and Meg Ryan certainly has trout pout. But I think Nicole looks GREAT, she has not overdone it!!! StoliDog – handles? You’re a naughty boy, aren’t you?

  20. Shootingstar

    She looks like she has some kind of weird vertical face implants in front of her cheek implants.

  21. green cardigan

    stolidog said:
    shoot me in the head if they cast renee zelwigger (however you spell it) as the 3rd teacher.

    ha ha- I’m with you there. I think they should throw in a curve ball and cast Tara Reid.

  22. Persistent Cat

    I remember a few years ago when The Stepford Wives came out. The entire cast was on some talk show (I want to say Oprah but I don’t watch Oprah) shilling for the movie. I had to laugh because of all of them (Matthew Broderick included), only Faith Hill’s face and forehead moved. Everyone else appeared to be wearing a mask. It was so bizarre but as a result, she looked so much better than everyone else. Granted she’s beautiful but it was very surreal.

  23. Jobi

    My gracious, you people are mean! I agree with Zelda. I’m 57 yrs old and have had no botox, collagen or anything and people tell me I could pass for someone in my 40′s. My Grandmother when she died was 89 yrs old and her skin looked amazing. I don’t see a thing wrong with trying to keep from aging. If I had the money I would have a tummy tuck right now!! Nicole, IMO, does not look as bad as Meg Ryan, Melanie Griffith, and for that matter Angelina Jolie…talk about skinny and look at all those tattoos. I’d rather see someone with collagen & botox like Nicole than all those nasty looking tattoos all over the body! Nicole works out hard and keeps out of the sun and obviously a dermatologist! You go girl!

  24. Anne

    her uppper lip looks like it’s been turned inside out – gross. Years ago, she had such thin lips – guess the surgeon had to turn them inside out to get her the fullness she wanted! Her cheeks look like a chipmunk – don’t tell me this is natural as she never had this in her early days and your face only loses fullness as you get older, not the other way around. she was such so fresh faced and lovely when she started out – now she looks so processed and unnatural. The few candid shots I’ve seen of her are quite scary. What a shame she jumped on the hollywood bandwagon and turned to nosejobs, lip and cheek enhancement, excess botox (observe her bat-brow), etc… She was once so lovely and fresh looking – what a shame.

  25. essie

    Well, she can’t still be “fresh” looking because she’s well over 40, but she could be more “natural” looking!!! I just don’t understand people who refuse to grow old gracefully. I love Meryl Streep!!!

  26. kate

    Her upper lip looks weird, it’s bigger on the sides than in the middle. The worst thing about her look is definitely the hairdo. She looks much better with long red hair–the hair pulled back gives the illusion tht her cheeks are much bigger than they are. Stay away from the lip injections and let the hair out, and she’ll be an exceptional example of aging well!

  27. tommy

    her face ay look good with th boto but yes those lips and if you want to find wrinkles look at her neck t natural but its there

  28. ZeldaF

    Oh for God’s sake, she’s got her head turned, like in The Exorcist, THAT is why she has wrinkles on her neck. Same would happen with a 21 year old. You people are just NOT realistic! Take a look in the mirroire!!

  29. Nancy

    I don’t know how anyone can say she looks good, with that Botoxed forehead. I noticed it years ago — she looked weird, different and not in a good way, but I didn’t know why. Later I read that a plastic surgeon said her “bat-brow” is a perfect example of over-use of Botox. Now I’m an expert in spotting bat-brow. Marcia Cross is another one. Katie Couric had it for awhile … apparently, she laid off and now has some expression to her face again. I think bat-brow has made Nicole look unattractive and bizarre. The fever-blister-looking lips just add to the weirdness. How she still gets roles with that plastic-looking, expressionless face is beyond me.

  30. Me

    suspiciously perfect face? LOL

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