Nicole & Keith’s Substance Abuse Woes

Unfortunately, the blissful union between Nicole Kidman and husband, Keith Urban, has been soured by a step back in the country singer’s fight against alcoholism. The Daily Mail has the details:

Nicole Kidman reportedly told Keith Urban to go to rehab or their fledgling marriage was over. Urban allegedly admitted to Kidman over the phone that he had fallen off the wagon and started drinking again. Kidman found out about Urban’s problems after flying to Europe to film ‘His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass’. And with his wife away working Keith, 39, started to hit Nashville’s bar scene again. Kidman was tipped off by friends that Keith was out drinking, and called to confront him. “Nicole called Keith and confronted him,” an insider told Life & Style magazine. “He got defensive and accused her of spying on him.” But Urban eventually admitted his drinking to Kidman, and she flew straight back to the US to be by his side. “She gave him a choice. He could enter a program or she’d leave him,” a friend of Kidman’s said.

It’s heartbreaking stories like these that make me so grateful that I don’t have a drinking problem. Except that booze is just way too damn expensive!

Written by Lisa Timmons