Nicole and Joel Are Excited About Their Baby Blah Blah Blah

I love the Sunset Strip Hey Now What’s That Sound Cher-era number Nicole Richie wears sometimes. I’m just waiting for the Manson Family to break into her house and chase her around whilst spraying blood on the fridge. Nicole Richie and her band douche are over the moon about the tiny malnourished baby growing inside of her.

They’re just absolutely over the moon about being parents. Joel comes home with something new he bought for the baby or the nursery every night. He says they both love talking to the baby, and they play music for it.

He still tells me that they are engaged (she is not wearing a ring in public though, just to keep away tabloid rumors about a wedding), and definitely plan to marry, but they’ve got no time frame for it. Definitely not before the birth, and they’re thinking it may be even up to a year or so after, depending on how everything goes. They really don’t discuss wedding plans that much. Nicole knows how much he loves her, and they’re in heaven with their current situation.

They still don’t know the sex, and Joel says they are pretty certain they’re not going to find out. Overall, I’ve never seen him so happy. I’ve known him since we were teens, and he’s just a completely different person now. Head over heels in love, and absolutely ecstatic over fatherhood

She ain’t marryin’ that. I feel it in my bones. He’s a sperm donor in a band with an expiration date, and might end up hosting “Extra” ala the Sugar Ray guy. Or if she does marry him, it’s gonna go down quick. Like a burning dirgible. Oh, the humanity!