Nicole Scherzinger Looks Unwell At ‘The X-Factor’ UK Auditions [PHOTOS]

Poor Nicole Scherzinger looks comatose.  The past two days have been rough on The X-Factor UK’s newest judge.

The singer is having a rough time in her relationship with racecar driver, Lewis Hamilton, who was reportedly caught with ten women in his hotel suite last week.  Scherzinger apparently broke down in tears yesterday (July 19th) when one contestant performed a love song.  ”Nicole’s confiding in pals that she thinks it might be time to call it a day,” the source said.

”She’s had a tough week and an emotional song set off the tears,” a source told the Daily Mail of Scherzinger.  “But she’s a professional. After a break, she got back to work.”

“It’s a long distance relationship, he isn’t ready to settle down and they’re both working non-stop – she’s tired of fighting for it and feels it just isn’t working.”

Switching gears for just a moment, I can’t look away from the gorgeous Charles Albert chinese coin necklace Scherzinger wore with that red dress.