Nicole Richie And Harlow Spend Easter On The Coolest Playground Ever [PHOTOS]

They Grow Up So Fast!
Richie going out for ice cream with Harlow last year. Time flies!
Growing up, I always noticed that people tended to put their classiest, more colorful outfits (and hats!) for Easter Sunday. But Nicole Richie and Harlow Madden decided to buck tradition and keep the holiday low-key, celebrating on a creatively colored playground that held oversized tulips and brightly colored toadstools. Who needs to find Easter eggs when you’re climbing a blue-dotted leaf, anyway?

But Richie is still intent on a career in fashion, in spite of not dolling up to go to the park. Richie commented that “it’s amazing there are so many female designers at the top of the industry right now.”

Who knows? Maybe the Willa Wonka-theme is better inspiration than swarms of women in their Sunday best. I guess we’ll see!