Nicole Kidman’s Daughters Look Paparazzi Ready In Their Adorable Matching Outfits

Nicole Kidman vs. Paparazzo
Nicole Kidman is hit by a paparazzo on a bike.
For a family that just spent more than 15 hours on an airplane, Nicole Kidman and company are looking very good.

Nicole and her husband Keith Urban were spotted arriving back in Los Angeles today after spending the holidays in Sydney, Australia. No but really, look at those outfits. I don’t know about you, but when I have to sit in an airplane for a prolonged period of time, I like to be in my comfy clothes.

But I love that Nicole’s daughters, Sunday and Faith, are in matching dresses. 

It’s like they knew there would be paparazzi and were up for the challenge of having to pose when they arrived in LA. So, do you think that Sunday and Faith know Suri Cruise? I mean, they technically share siblings that Nicole adopted with Tom Cruise. Although I’m not sure how that relationship is now.

I am just so fascinated by this family. Launch the gallery to check out all the shots of the Kidman-Urbans looking fabulous at LAX. I think I may have to start paying more attention to Sunday and Faith. They could be on a best dressed kids list very soon.