Nicolas Cage’s Mugshot & Domestic Violence Arrest Details [PHOTO]

Nicolas Cage was arrested Friday in New Orleans on a domestic abuse charge after an allegedly drunken argument with his wife, Alice Kim, about whether the French Quarter residence they were standing in front of was in fact their rental. More details regarding his arrest have been released in the PD’s official statement:

Cage allegedly grabbed Kim by the upper arm and pulled her toward the house that he insisted, and she disagreed, was their rental. Then he started hitting parked cars on the street and tried to get into a cab, police said, until an officer who’d been flagged down by onlookers told him to get out of the taxi.

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Cage then challenged officers to arrest him, and they did, so he ultimately got his wish granted.

According to reports, Cage’s wife in not a complaining witness and will not press charges as she says the cabbie’s claim of physical contact is false.

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