Nicky Hilton’s Break-Up

Ending more with a bang than a whimper, Nicky Hilton’s two-year relationship with “Entourage” star, Kevin Connolly came to a close last night, surrounded by rumors of Kevin’s infidelity. From

Early this morning, an eyewitness tells, the former lovebirds — who were rumored to be engaged after Nicky wore a serious rock on her finger at her birthday party in Vegas, on Oct. 6 — got into a major screaming match when Kevin called Nicky on her cell phone. “Nicky was fighting over the phone with Kevin,” an eyewitness tells “She screamed into her phone, cursed, and said, ‘I hate you!’ Then she got dead silent and snapped her phone shut. He called again, but she silenced the call. She was really upset, and it didn’t help that he kept calling.” According to reports, Kevin was cheating on Nicky with 18-year-old Brittany Field, the daughter of music producer Ted Field, which we’re guessing was news to Nicky.

18 years old? Seriously, Kevin. I wouldn’t really be judging you if you were dating the slightly trashier Hilton daughter. But at least Nicky seems to be able to keep her vagina under wraps.

Written by Lisa Timmons

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