Nicky Hilton Heads for the Hills, Whilst Paris Alerts the Media

Nicky Hilton, the one of the two Hilton sisters who actually seems to hold down a job I can comprehend, recently purchased a very pricey new accessory–a $3 million house in the Hollywood Hills. Nicky, whose duties managing her clothing line, Chick seem to keep her pretty busy and out of trouble, just generally appears to me to be the somewhat more responsible sibling. In other words, she’s yet to do some hard time. TMZ reports:

The new abode — which measures up at around 4,000 square feet — isn’t considered excessively large compared to some of her compatriots’ quarters, has an office-gym and 4-1/2 baths.

One word, two syllables–suh-weet. That sounds like a cozy little pad. Meanwhile, a source recently revealed that Paris Hilton’s got a very subtle way of getting publicity whenever she’s out on the town–she simply calls paparazzi and says, “Hey. Come photograph me.” Jonathan Jaxson of the Daily Mail relates an incident in which Paris Hilton was leaving the Setai Hotel in Miami.

Within minutes she had phoned half a dozen journalists and photographers and told them where she was and what she was planning to do.

Others in her entourage did the same: “Paris Hilton is at the Setai and she’s about to leave. Get down here straight away.

This from a woman who supposedly was “shocked to see all the attention” her jail stay aroused back when all of that was going down. One minute, she’s practically giving out her GPS coordinates to every Tom, Dick and Harry, the next she’s hiding behind the war in Iraq. Make up your mind, woman!