Nicky Hilton Goes For Gold

January 10th, 2006 // 18 Comments

If you’re going to go for it, you might as well really go for it. Right?

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Weinerboy


  2. Blindqueen

    Booger hooker pays off in nasal gold nuggets!

  3. lisa

    Where do you find these pictures?! If I were a celebrity, I’d be paranoid as hell! :-)

  4. Lisa

    That’s why I never pick my nose in public!

  5. Anna

    even though no one would give a shit if I did, I still don’t pick my nose in public. you would think after a life in the public eye, she’d know better.

  6. Maryam

    UHHH, tuck in your pockets….thats the least she can do, it might make up for the disgrace of a human she is…keyword being might.

  7. Ldysunfyre

    With the money she’s got, you’d think she could hire someone to do that for her. Hard to find good help I guess. :P

  8. alicia

    looks more like she is trying to snort the coke buger back in than picking it out! Also, check out that prescription she’s got under her arm, we need to zoom in on it and see if its for Prozac….fame nor money is a sign of CLASS or any proper upbringing…

  9. alicia

    i apologize for my bad grammar in my last posting…i acknowledge it, in case my English prof reads it…

  10. Ldysunfyre

    Actually, it looks like she’s got some developed photos there–not a prescription.

  11. Green Eyed Angel

    She’s just trying to play catch up again with her big sister (ie “Paris digs for crabs” a week back). Alas, though, she will just never be quite as classy as Paris.

  12. heyitsme

    Yep, those Hilton women are a classy lot.

  13. alicia

    your right, ladysunfire, those are pictures…! wonder if it’s pictures of Paris falling, since she wasn’t helping her sister maybe she was having the pictures taken…but it makes me wonder, how old these pictures are? le gossip, shows a picture of nicky with blond hair when paris is falling and her bodyguard is trying to catch her and this picture shows nicky with dark her…hmm, it’s all so intriguing, ha!

  14. alongcamemary

    Ahhh….the pick-the-nose shot AND a camel toe shot all @ once! Can’t ask for much more, can we? (Life Is Good)

  15. AlongCameMary

    Gosh I hate it when I fail to type under my type key name so I have that cute ‘lil pic beside me name ;)

  16. su

    waitaminute. nicky is a brunette again? or is the pic really old?

  17. Lynn

    There are two kinds of class…High and No.

    The Hilton girls definitely have NO class!

    Looks like she is carrying photographs. Love the pocketbook!

  18. natalie

    You do see that she’s giving the photog the finger right?

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