Nicky and Paris Hilton Take Boyfriends on a Little Getaway

April 21st, 2007 // 3 Comments

Paris and Nicky Hilton took their boyfriends on a little weekend getaway. The socialite’s, along with boyfriends Josh Henderson, David Katzenberg, and a few other pals, all boarded a private jet off to who knows where. I’m sure there will be photographic evidence of where they end up posted in the next day or two. We can only imagine that Paris took Josh along to quell those rumors about her hooking up with James Blunt the other night.


More photos of those crazy kids getting ready for a weekend of partying after the jump.


By Jessica Marx

  1. Clementines

    I thought greasy bear did all the pickup’s and delivery’s of their “sniff or swallow” business..? Could it be these guys are more understated and would work better as pigeons to throw off Police and Agents Hum..?

  2. Don Juan

    I want to hit Nicky Hilton’s pussy. You know she doesn’t have a valtrex vagina like her sister.

  3. jennay

    paris’s feet are HUGE!!!!! good lord! she looks like a duck!

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