Nicki Minaj Wants To Be In A Tim Burton Film

December 29th, 2010 // 1 Comment

Nicki Minaj is basically the queen (or KING as it were) of hip-hop and has appeared on the cover of the new issue of King magazine, which features the women on the music scene.

In the article, Minaj says that she would like to appear in a Tim Burton film or do an action movie like Angelina Jolie‘s Salt

I totally can see her doing both! What did you all think of her new album? I was a little bit disappointed, to be honest.

By Justin Thompson

  1. SPAZllool

    She is a Drama Queen can’t see her in a movie though lmao especially with Angelina Jolie i mean Angie is an acting legend and Nicki should stay with Music it suits her best i was really dissapointed with her album, did not like it at all and her music video was fucking disgraceful, i was sat watching a music channel and it came up and my 10 yr old brother was sat with me i was like oh no wtf, tottaly changed the channel, it was pretty much in your face kind of thing like we don’t to see you sat on guy who looks like your kid doing stuff to him and i personally don’t want to see your ass naked i mean what is going wrong with celebs now a days ?, the X Factor is going through investigation because apparently Christina A and Rihanna’s performance was really raunchy and not sutible for a family show okay i think Christina’s wans’nt to suitible but Rihanna’s was great, they have to go through an investigation but music channels can have music video’s on in the morning, that are so rude like Flo-Rida’s Turn Around video, yess we all love Sex, we all love Love, everyone likes a bit of naughtiness but i think TV is giving out to much like perfume Adds are Horrible to watch you have to change the chananel like so quick if your sat with family with little kids your like OH NO !! maybe thats why people get over people really quickly now a days, because they know they’ll get someone in bed in a flick it’s just dissapointing, it’s all about taking your clothes off in Hollywood now or sleeping around or getting surgery, it’s like do that when your in Vegas leave it there don’t bring it back to work we want talent, work, entertainment, not nudity, anyways, i hate Nicki Minaj’s Panty, big Nicker things what are they called there Horrible with a capital H, like there is no Grace in that pose it’s just like a fuck me pose its not even a power pose it’s just like i’m waiting Fuck Me, i love her music she is so talented and she has a nice body and yess she can show it off but do it in clothes, cause she looks way better in clothes even though her style is a weey bit madd !!!!! love your music Nicki xxx

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