Nicki Minaj: 2010 American Music Awards

It’s obvious the American Music Awards had a game plan when they paired presenters Nicki Minaj and Willow Smith together: let’s see who’s red carpet style is more outrageous. Willow made a valiant effort, but I’m sorry, you can’t beat a iced out rib cage on your dress!

Minaj seems to be the hip hop version of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, making us question her fashion choices on the award show red carpet and in music videos. Is it me, or does she kind of remind you of Lil’ Kim with those vibrant wigs?

Tonight’s choice was a platinum bob with bangs to compliment her nude, knee length dress. Yea right, like it would stop there. It took Minaj style with an ornamental sparkling rib cage placed over the dress, feathers and other accents that… well, left me speechless. The shoes matched and were kind of cute if you noticed them.

Again, if you noticed them.

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