Nick Zano Is A Cougar’s Favorite Boy Toy

It’s official, Nick Zano will be gracing our television screens once again. Reports confirm that Nick has been cast as Courteney Cox’s recurring love interest on season one of the new show Cougar Town. We all know and love Nick from his stint on What I Like About You, which can be seen every weekday from 4-5 on ABC Family. It kinda upsets me that I know that.

Cougar Town seems to be coming together quite nicely. Courtney always looks like she’s having a great time on set, and there is always the slight chance that former friends co-star and best friend Jennifer Aniston might show up for an episode or two.

I wonder how Nick’s girlfriend Haylie Duff feels about him being Courteney’s love interest? Think she’s going to get a little jealous? Nah. She’s probably just pleased with herself that the man she picked is so hot that even the cougars want him. Shoot, even I want him a little bit. Hotness right here.

Gallery Info: Nick Zano being a big strong and movie a few boxes without his shirt on.