Vanessa Minnillo Is One Of Those Girls Who Acts Crabby When Her Boyfriend Isn’t Around

You can be apart for one second, Miss Baltimore Crabs! Vanessa Minnillo recently attended the birthday bash for NBA player Baron Davis at the Stone Rose in West Hollywood. Sources say she was acting like a total bitch to partygoers and fans alike.

“I couldn’t believe how she was acting,” a partygoer said. “She definitely didn’t strike me as the friendly type, and at one point a few fans went to say ‘hi’ but were ignored.”

Fans? What are they fans of? Her f*cking in a hot tub skills? Do they have conventions for that kind of fandom? What does she do exactly? She takes retarded photos with junkies. That’s about it. Oh, she’s an “actress”. Right. Sorry.

Vanessa was said to be getting her drink on, though. Hennessy was sponsoring the party, and she was downing the free cocktails like it was last call. Sources say that she rarely parties alone, so maybe she was missing her boyfriend Nick Lachey. She could have been drowning her sorrows in cocktails and stank!

In other bitch news, Jessica Alba was at the same party. And she was also said to be completely not into the rest of humanity. She sat in a corner, underneath her cardigan and covered in Lia Sophia jewelry. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but at least she has an excuse. She’s full with pregnancy. The only reason she seems to have been at a party was because her babydaddy Cash Warren is good friends with Baron Davis. So I guess she actually did the dutiful girlfriend thing and went out? Are you telling me that Jessica Alba is actually nice to someone? I….I don’t know what to say.

Nick Lachey’s moobs are starting to rival mine.

Photos: WENN

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Photos: WENN