Nick Swisher’s Fiancé Subscribes To Hollywood’s Craziest Religion

Scientology, that is. I have to admit, I attempt to be as open-minded as I can when it comes to religion–who am I to tell you what to believe? But Scientology’s cult-like practices that essentially scam people and take their money have always rubbed me the wrong way. And somehow, half of Hollywood falls into Scientology’s trap! 
According to Dead Spin, one of these Hollywood followers is actress Joanna Garcia, who has recently become engaged to New York Yankee Nick Swisher. Garcia, pictured here at the American Ballet Theatre Gala in fall 2009, had her own show called Privileged on the CW and recently played Nate Archibald’s deceptive love interest on Gossip Girl. Personally, I recognize her from Freaks and Geeks, AKA the second greatest TV show of all time (closely trailing Arrested Development). 
So what do you all think… will Swisher convert for his boo? Or maybe he is already a closeted Scientologist. Better yet, would you marry a Scientologist?