Nick Mitchell Is Norman Gentle On ‘American Idol’

Stepping out in an outfit consisting of a shiny, reflective shirt, sweatbands, shorts and a white dress jacket, Nick Mitchell took on the role of his alter ego Norman Gentle.

Although Simon Cowell was unsurprisingly unimpressed at Mitchell’s jokey-but-soulful rendition of the Dreamgirls standard “And I Am Telling You,” the rest of the judges were clearly amused. Cowell’s take on the performance was as follows: “It was arguably one of the most atrocious performances we’ve ever had
at this stage of the competition. What it really is sort of horrific

As for four’s-a-crowd-as-far-as-Paula-Abdul-is-concerned judge Kara DioGaurdi, her words to Mitchell were vastly more encouraging. “You come out, do your thing–wear the same shirt every week, like
Simon–and for what it’s worth, you’re not a terrible singer. I don’t
see you in the music market, but I enjoyed you tonight.” And what it IS worth is a pure gold shoulder belt.