Nick Lachey’s Hurting

May 15th, 2006 // 18 Comments

We all know that Nick Lachey is missing Jessica Simpson. I mean, he even named his latest album “What’s Left of Me.” He makes even more obvious with lyrics such as:

“And so I’m letting go of everything we were/It doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt,” from “I Can’t Hate You Anymore.” Or, on “I Do It For You,” “Your pretty face is not enough/Behind your eyes I know you’re lying.”

So go out and buy Nick’s new CD, and maybe the cold hard cash he’ll earn from your purchase will help ease Nick’s pain.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Small Fry

    Sounds like somebody needs a hug.

  2. elisa

    Nick Lachey seems like such a nice down to earth guy!!!!! jessica Simpson will regret what she did. Just give it time. I think he has a much better voice than she does.

  3. timmons622

    Jessica, meet Karma.

  4. Ctal

    I’m not as worried about easing Nick’s pain as I am watching Creepy Pa Simpson squirm. Hee.

    Won’t let Jessica sign a pre nup, eh, Joe? Yeah, hindsights 20/20 huh?

  5. Kelsey

    Ok, honestly, I don’t feel sorry for either of them. Jess got famous because of the marriage, and now Nick is going to get famous (again) from the divorce. Bother are going to make an obscene amount of $$ cuz they are both whiners. They deserve each other.

  6. Except, Kelsey, for this: I really do think that, the built-in hype and shit aside, he truly is an OK guy. And still so damn hot…

  7. gOssiP

    good for him. i hope she feels stupid that she actually benefited him by dumping him, besides doing him a great favor. he know is going to pull ahead of her in popularity. go nick!

  8. Hey

    Ok, so why isn’t anyone jumping all over this guy for airing his dirty laundry in public? I love Nick, but there is a double standard on this site. Some people can get away with telling all, but others can’t… if you know what I mean.

  9. Mark

    I wouldN’t buy his new CD. It’s too depressing for one. He’s trying to milk ( $$$$) the break-up for all it’s worth. What else would he sing about??? Nothing much!

  10. Caelus

    i felt sorry for him when jess dumped him, not anymore. he’s now acting like a pathatic loser, be a man nick.

  11. Small Fry

    To Hey:

    I think people aren’t jumping his sh*t because he SEEMS like a genuine person. I think we all feel sorry for him for the simple fact that he had to put up with Jessica’s whiny ass and her uber controlling dad for years.

  12. Brianna

    Nick had a singing career before he met Jessica who can not sing or act… Whether you like pop music or not, 98 degrees could sing.

  13. Kris

    Nick got lazy and was more than happy to suck off Jessica’s career. He shouldn’t have degraded her on nat’l tv, not even jokingly. All it seemed like he ever did on their reality show was put Jessica down or act irritated with her. Fact is, even a ditzy woman isn’t going to put up with all that crap, especially an independently wealthy one.
    Hey Nick? Your puppy dog act is OLD, baby.

  14. Bub Doublewe

    Nick doesn’t seem like a nice, genuine guy at all. They are both complete white trash cretins who deserved to stomp on each other. It horrifies me to see MTV and VH1 pimping his intensely lame, generic video/song every second they get, and to see all you suckers lapping it up. Jesus. There are legitimately talented, interesting people in this world to spend your time and money on, folks.

  15. Hey

    It doesn’t matter how genuine you THINK Nick is. The general rule on this site seems to be that people should keep their private matters private. Denise Richards is dirty for talking about Charlie Sheen. Aniston is a whiny loser for talking about Brad…

    But Nick, well, he’s genuine and a good man, so we have to let it slip. How do you know that he’s any better than the others? How do you know that he didn’t do something to cause his split with his wife?

    All of these stars have fans who love them and think they are good people, so it’s unfair to give Nick all this leeway.

  16. Tine


    Are you Nick Lachey?!

  17. las

    Nick, I say this with great empathy and understanding: Please keep it to yourself and your therapist, because I am TIRED of hearing about it!

  18. kimmie poo

    Nick album was great! I bought it and I love it. I honestly feel what he is going through by listening. I think he deserves everything he gets, he is to good for jessica! SHe is a spoiled Brat and had tottally gone aginst everything she has ever portrayed herself as. she got married andd said it was forever, then she divorced nick. why? she has no reason why, her reason is because she wanted to explore, she should of done that before the marriage. He did try for her,hello watch newlyweds he was always doing romantic things for her. Her dad was crazy and always interfereing, she was always shopping and spending time with ehr assistant, how could they have time for themselves? I think Nick should of told a lot more than he did. In reality it never said anything bad about her so I dont thinnk he did anything wrong. I love nick he is a great man and I will support him all the way.

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