Nick Lachey Sues Jessica Simpson

January 10th, 2006 // 18 Comments

When celebrities are involved, it all comes down to money. Are we surprised that Jessica and Nick had a contract? Are we surprised that Joe Simpson allowed Jessica to break the contract?

According to court documents, Nick Lachey has sued estranged spouse Jessica Simpson for ending their marriage three months before the pair contractually agreed to stay together.

“Mr. Lachey signed over to Ms. Simpson all royalties from ’98 Degrees’ songs, his appearance on an MTV reality show to promote her albums and perfume line, and his soul in exchange for 41 months of marriage that would keep him in the public spotlight,” wrote Lachey’s attorney. “The couple has been married only 38 months and Ms. Simpson is in violation of the contract, ending the union early.”

In a written response, Simpson’s lawyers argued that since Lachey would continue to receive publicity until the divorce is official in several months, she is still fulfilling her contractual obligations.

(Source: Dateline Hollywood)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. starbucks

    So was the whole marriage a sham then? Who is really in love and signs over their royalties and agrees to 41 months of marriage?!

  2. MarisaMartin

    The website this comes from is a total spoof…

  3. Tom Cruise

    and people think I’m crazy?? Signs his royalities to that dope Joe Simpson. Hes a christian right?? ..hmmm..that simpson guy?

  4. alicia

    site is defenitely a spoof, go and read their About Us section and then click on the LA Times review of the site…..,1,5494800.story?ctrack=1&cset=true

  5. Kato

    When will people learn to think about what they’re reading? The phrase “and his soul” is a clear indicator that this is a spoof, even if you couldn’t figure it out from the rest of the “article.”

  6. KittyLiterati

    But is this spoof really that far from the truth?
    I think probably not.

  7. bestdress

    Thats funny…I don’t think Nick is that stupid now if you said it was the other way around…that’s possible.

  8. The Girl From Oz

    A sham marriage in hollywood… NEVER!!! I dont believe it, it just couldnt be true, I’m shattered (ehem, if you havent realised im being sarcastic…)

    I can believe it’s a spoof, why the hell would Nick hand over all 98 degree royalties for 41months of marriage, that dosnt make sense whatsoever to me, then again I am a sane logical non Hollywood person so why would it make sense to me???

  9. EA

    Screw both of them. Before I read this I was on Nick’s side but fuck that. They both deserve all the shit they are going through now. Whether you’re in Hollywood or not, who really starts a marriage off with that BS contract? That isn’t how you should enter into a marriage and I am disgusted by the way celebs put a price-tag on everything until it is cheap and totally void of value, sentimental or otherwise. I hope the both of them are miserable. :)

  10. J

    I can’t believe people took this seriously.

  11. STEPH

    I really dont get why she’s always dressed in baggy clothes. it looks stupid, and bad. it doesnt make her look skinny, if thats her aim.

  12. blank

    That doesn’t make sense, because at the time of their marriage, NICK was the “famous” one; Jessica was “his wife.” She didn’t get famous until Newlyweds, so why would he sign over everything to her for a guarantee of 41 months of marriage? I think the entire story is a spoof.

  13. veelee

    Jessica Simpson is a fake bitch. I saw her on the People’s choice awards and she sucked ass. It blows me away how she always manages to look like a drag queen. I’m even more sick of her face than I am of Paris’s!

  14. Green Eyed Angel

    Is is just me, or does anyone else notice Jessica’s 5 o’clock shadow in this picture?

  15. anon

    Jezuz people…IT’S A FAKE STORY!! Like someone else said – the line “and his soul” should have been your tip off.

  16. Tors

    Hmm.. what a surprise. Only in america would you find as absurd a pre-nupt as this. America – home of the one stop law-suit shop. Some one sneezed on you, at work? Why, heck boy, sue his ass for breach of personal space and distress.

    More than likely this story is all lies… but it wanted have even been publiscised if it wasn’t potentially possible and believable. What does that say about your society! Land of the free? More like money grabbing leeches

  17. Nicole

    This is so dumb. I loved the newleyweds. Just because of rumors you don’t break up with someone!!(underline that!)I think they should get forget about everything and start off new. SHOW THIS TO JESSICA SIMPSON! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEP LEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. jenna

    jessica and nick should stay together i loved newlyweds they shared so much love even though they were so different they were made for each other i really do hope they come to their senses and get back together

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