Nick Lachey Needs Support

February 20th, 2006 // 26 Comments

We love Nick Lachey. The man had to put up with Jessica, Ashlee and Joe for way too long. He deserves his rightful compensation.

In court papers filed Friday in response to Simpson’s Dec. 16 divorce filing, Lachey cited irreconcilable differences for the dissolution of the three-year marriage.

Lachey, 32, also asked for “miscellaneous jewelry and other personal effects,” part of Simpson’s earnings from after the date of separation and other assets.

Lachey said he and Simpson separated Dec. 13, although she claims it was Nov. 23.

The couple, who starred in their own MTV reality show, “Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica,” had no prenuptial agreement and in her petition, Simpson asked the court not to grant Lachey spousal support.

Lachey, who gained fame as a member of the boy band 98 Degrees, had more earning power when the couple wed in October 2002. However, Simpson’s fame skyrocketed during the marriage. The 25-year-old singer-actress reportedly earned more than $30 million last year, including earnings from her big-screen debut playing Daisy Duke in “The Dukes of Hazzard” movie.

Last month, the Mediterranean-style house the pair shared during “Newlyweds” was sold to “Malcolm in the Middle” teen actor
Justin Berfield for an undisclosed price.

Lachey Seeks Support, Jewelry From Simpson [AP]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Madi

    Dude should get 1/2 for not having a pre-up.
    Then get a job…stop living off the ex-wife.

  2. grace

    He should most definately get a % of her earnings. The greedy cow refused to sign a prenup before her wedding because she wanted a piece of his pie. Well, now that the she is the higer earner she is crying foul. Not only does this reflect upon Ms. Simpson as being a hypocrite, but a greedy bitch as well.

  3. Palys

    Right on the money, Grace. What a greedy bitch! Nick should milk her for every penny he can plus pain and suffering for having to deal with that leech she calls “father.”

  4. Sith Lord

    I love it when women have to pay men…lol

    I hope they nail her for 25% over the three to five years plus half the current assets.

    Pay B****

  5. sure

    i think it’s absolutely disgusting that he’s trying to get her money…he’s such a loser…imagine asking for jewelry back…that’s absurd…GOLDDIGGER GET A JOB!

  6. Anyone who thinks Nick doesn’t deserve AT LEAST HALF of Simpson’s bucks needs to watch ‘The Newlyweds’. Any five minutes of it’ll do.

  7. lola

    First of all- WHAT’S A PRENUP?

    Second- I don’t think that he should aske FOR ANYTHING BACK!!! Sorry- but 98 degrees was NOTHING- he was living off Jessica. He CHOSE to buy her everything- no one forced him to. what a baby!

  8. Grace

    i think tht nick is a dirty little cathole…
    teehee…besides jessica did earn all of tht money didn’t she…? oh yes people say me and her are like twins, what the heck…

  9. Krystal

    I think he deserves a right to a percentage. He wanted a pre-nup and she said no. Why? Cause if it didnt work out, she wanted to get some of her wealthier sposes income. Just because the tables have turned does not mean the same principle shouldn’t apply to him. Let him get the cash. Plus- who could imagine living 3 years with the idiot, Jessica anyways, Where does buffalo wings come from?

  10. Sith Lord


  11. pthang

    Nick is a handsome man and sure has talent. He may not make a lot of money as Jessica. He certainly can earn a living by himself. By resorting to get the alimony from his exwife, he showed he does not have the gut to be a MAN. He should cut off his toy and be a WOMAN instead.

  12. Laura

    I’m with Jacko. Jessica is the star that she is because of Newlyweds – and it could not have been made without Nick. He helped make her a star, he deserves his cut.

  13. Kelsey

    I’m sure that he got his percentage of Newlyweds…but I don’t think that he should get anything from Dukes/ her album sales. I actually believe that she was just being romantic and saying that they would last forever and not need a prenup….this is probably the most niave comment I will ever post….

  14. BlazerMary

    Go for it, Nick. I’d rather he have the money than that creepy father of hers.

  15. Concetta

    He’s just asking for the jewelry back so his lawyer can “concede” it later in exchange for a bigger chunk of cash.

    Personally, I think he deserves it. He used to be a hot single guy, and now he’s just another creepy Hollywood divorcee. No one’s going to hire him now. And the Simpson tribe deserves everything thats coming to them for prostituting his daughters like he does.

  16. doofus

    grace (with a small g) hit it dead on.

    she (more likely her father) didn’t want a pre-nup because, when the two got married, they all thought that Nick would be the primary bread winner throughout the marriage, whether it ended in divorce or not.

    His career (it may not have been much in the long run, but…) was put aside as hers heated up – they realized that she could earn more than HE could – and he deserves SOME compensation for letting her take the limelight and not do much but be there to “support” her and her endeavors.

    TOTALLY shows her greed and hypocrisy. “what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is ours” is her mantra.

  17. ASHLEE

    He definetely deserves half he put up w/ all of the freaking Simpsons for way too long and we all know Jessica is a slut and cheated on him…of course he should get half…Im sure that he has more than enough money to support himself but seriously she fucked him over..he wants everything..from watching newlyweds we all know nick is definetely the more down to earth and practical of the 2 so she definetely did something really bad and I cant wait to find out what!!! Plus if she never married Nick she would still be a nobody..Newlyweds NICK and jessica Launched her career..not her music

  18. Ann

    If you actually read the official article, Nick is not asking for the jewelry. “The 32-year-old Lachey also asked the court to confirm that “miscellaneous jewelry and other personal effects” are separate property, as well as his earnings from after the date of separation and other unspecified assets.”

    He deserves to get his half. I used to think it was cute to see how they acted on the show and would be surprised at times of how she treated him. Ofcourse, MTV edited what they wanted, so who knows how he really was. He could have been a jerk, who knows. But he deserves his half of the money, because she would not be where she is now, without the Newlyweds show. That put her on the map. I think Nick is a guy’s guy. Most guys I know actually like him, even though he was in a boys band. He can still salvage his career. Jessica is beautiful, but she is getting way too over exposed and she will eventually be a J-Lo. Everyone will be tired to see her. I know I am. Team Nick!

  19. Small Fry

    I think the chicken/tuna comment alone entitles him to AT LEAST half. Can you imagine living with her?????

  20. nick definitely deserves half. jessica simpson was a B celebrity at best before “newlyweds: nick and jessica” . obviously, without nick there would have been no newlyweds. without the successful reality show, jessica would still be scrambling to catch up to britney and christina. no one can deny the fact that jessica simpson’s current success & visibility is largely attributed to the success of newlyweds. no prenup, then pay up.

  21. spitty

    We Want PreNup! Papa Simpson is a calculating arse. He seems to be enjoying the limelight more than his daughters. I wonder if his marriage is in tact?

  22. Brandi

    Nick Lachey should get half. If the tables turned, she would get half. Keep it fair.

    I’m really saddened by this couple more than any other in Hollywood. What a nice love story. It was lovely that she was a Christian girl who remained a virgin until marriage. Good role model for young girls, I think. I so hoped this was going to be true love to the end.

    I think these two will look back one day and regret the divorce. I’ve seen their show. Nick is the most laid back, easy going guy. He’s not superficial at all, and he’s cute to boot. But if he cheated on her, it shows his immaturity or inability to deal with the relationship.

    Jessica is just plain immature, but I think she’s sweet. She not very sexy, though she tries to act like it with the shorts. She’s what? 25, 26? At around 26, Angelina Jolie was mature enough to adopt Maddox. Kate Hudson was married and having a baby.

    Jessica still reminds me of a young girl. I don’t think she really knows how to treat a man. She was spoiled by her family. She gets her feelings hurt and pouts.

    It’s just sad, sad, sad. They should have gone into therapy early like Reese and Ryan did. I doubt either of them are over each other, and when they’re older they’re going to realize that there was a lot they could have done to salvage the relationship. They would have had the cutest little munchkins together.

  23. Nicola

    I absolutely agree with your Brandi

  24. Michelle

    The bottom line is that she (and her father) used her husband and her marriage to become famous. Now she no longer needs the man that helped sky rocket her to fame – the man that she vowed to “love…until death do us part”.

    GOOD LUCK, Jessica, finding another man like Nick. You will certainly need it.

  25. Jessica

    Jessica and her family sickens me, to say that they are actual Christians, when they CLEARLY DO NOT ACT LIKE CHRISTIANS!!! maybe they think that everything they do is “Christian”, but their actions and words say otherwise. they treated Nick like horse crap, esp. her creepy “pastor” father. I could go on and on about how christian this family really Isn’t.

  26. Matt

    N.lachey should go and earn the money. Jessica is not a atm machine. Do u stand w/me?

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