Nick Lachey Is A Porn Freak

Nick Lachey is obsessed with the thought of making a sex video, but is too afraid that it might get leaked to the public to follow through with the idea. Wise choice Nick, with so many celebs getting caught in the act such as Pamela Anderson and Colin Farell. It’s probably a good idea not to get caught with your pants down! I don’t think the ladies of the world would object if you did make a home sex video and it “accidentally” was released.

Nick told Britain’s Star magazine: “I’m not saying I’d never do it, I just haven’t done it.” Apparently, the pop hottie is into public sex as well because the thought of getting caught turns him on! I have to say that I love Nick Lachey even more now, and I definitely support TEAM NICK 110%. Nick also says the kinkiest place he ever had sex was in an airport bathroom! Seriously what is up with the airport? I have a friend that seems to hook up every time he goes to the airport!

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Written by Christy Pastore

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