Nick Lachey Gets Cozy With Cacee Cobb

April 11th, 2006 // 17 Comments

What is Jessica Simpson going to say about this? Nick Lachey and Cacee Cobb were together at Pure in Las Vegas this past Saturday night, and were getting up in each other’s business. Ms. Cobb was said to be quite inebriated, while Nick was his typical boring self. The couple hung out in the VIP area (when did assistants become VIP’s?), and Cacee was said to have held court.

Are Nick and CaCee Dating? [The Gilded Moose]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. citykitty

    CaCee is sooo Single White Female.
    With friends like this…poor jessica.

  2. tia

    I know that this is a post about Nick Lachey but I have some serious heartbreaking news. Proof from D12 got shot and killed this morning. He is eminems best friend and he was also in 8mile. Isnt that sad. Oh my god I feel terrible.

  3. tia

    BTW I read it on MTVnews.

  4. netty

    What a back stabber! Why on earth would you hang out with your bestfriends ex??? I dont know Jess, you better watch her!

  5. shop_girl

    I wonder about these.
    The first photo has a big wave of blonde hair on the right side….. sure looks like Jessica to me!

  6. I’ll say it again: has Nick NEVER heard of hookers? They’re reasonable, they come in all the idiot-bitch-blonde styles he likes, and they’re far less likely to damage the career you’re hanging onto by a fingernail.

  7. isitso

    I read somewhere that Vanessa Manillo got kicked out of Pure that Saturday, for getting into a fight with a woman in VIP…? Anyone else hear that? SO I wonder if she was fighting Cacee Cobb over Nick!

  8. I knew she was gonna cause probs for Jess and Nick the moment she started appearing on Newlyweds!

  9. timmons

    I’m with you, Kimberhaze!!!

  10. gOssiP

    shop girl, he’s wedding-ringless, so these are def recent pics. i doubt that’s jessica, the hair looks extremely fake, too low class for her. this isn’t the first time i’ve heard of nick hanging out w/cacee cobb either.

    girls suck

  11. ilostmyshoe

    If Cacee is dating Nick, he’s a bigger idiot than I originally thought.

    Who would be dumb enough to kick it with his future ex wife’s assistant/friend while he’s going through a divorce settlement ?

  12. lala

    exactly kimberhaze, took the words right out of my mouth. cacee cobbs a leech

  13. Jessica

    Ditto ilostmyshoe – This man can get any woman right now and is with Cacee? She’s a bigger ditz than Jessica S…I refuse to believe it!!

  14. Taylor

    I don’t think anything was going on, the pictures just show them talking, the body language looks normal. If anything they were trying to make a story out of it because obviously it was in plain view with cameras, or I think Nick is trying to make Jessica jealous so she’ll come back, what a baby.

  15. sweeterboyfriendstealer

    hahahaha!!!!! whatever!!!! let him be with whoever he wants EXCEPT JESSICA AND K-CAV!!! skanky skanksten ( kristen) used up nick for more fame, and is now copying jessica simposons every move….well, ok, i dont think jess is a slut, but then again i dont know her, but kristen is such a whore, she cheated on nick with her ex as SOON as nick went out of town. i say nick– do your thing, your a free man now, its time to start makingup for lost ( SEX!!!) time!!!! ;) but please, NOT with K-Cav!!!!

  16. Rumor

    This is so surreal to me. It’s like a deja vu. I’m hoping this isn’t true, you know? If it is, Cacee has probably been wanting Nick from the beginning. Whenever I saw her with Jessica on the show, she made these facial expressions that looked like she was jealous. Also, she never got along with Nick. Bad sign. There is a thin line between love and hate. Cacee didn’t seem like she supported Nick and Jessica as a “couple.” I never trusted her.

    If Nick is going after Cacee, he’s doing it out of spite. What better way to hurt Jessica for divorcing him? It’s immature and it will probably backfire on him. Grow up Nick.

  17. Shannon

    That witch! What is Jessica’s friend doing partying with Nick in Vegas? She’s not even a celebrity. Talk about betrayal! She’s after him. Since Nick and Jess split, no more photos of Jess and Cacee. Story must be true. If Nick falls for this, he is a heartless idiot!

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