Nick Lachey Doesn’t Want to Ruin This With a Lot of Talk

Showbuzz reports that Nick Lachey isn’t ready to marry his trashmouthed veejay (Vanessa Minnillio Drops The F-Bomb).

Even though Nick Lachey kissed Vanessa Minnillo on stage at MTV studios on New Year’s Eve for all the television world to see, it seems that he’s not ready to pop the question to his girlfriend just yet.

“The four-letter word that starts with an ‘r’ (ring) – we’re not dealing with that one yet,” Lachey told “Access Hollywood” correspondent Maria Menounos when she asked if he’s looking forward to taking the next big step in his relationship (i.e. an engagement) with his sweetie.

“I’m very happy, I have no complaints,” Lachey said in an interview that aired during Monday’s broadcast.

“We’re not dealing with that one yet..” = “I’m finally banging a slut with some experience as opposed to that dumbass jesus freak I was with, so don’t harsh my buzz with this wedding bullshit, asshole.”

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