Nick Lachey Axes

June 19th, 2006 // 14 Comments

The ladies are loving Nick Lachey. Poor Jessica.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. tai

    Damn he is yummy! That smile is intoxicating..

  2. spark

    cute commercial! i bet jessica is regretting her decision to leave him. he sure is yummy!

  3. Maddyboy

    I’ve always thought he was sexy without trying too hard…very cool, no-fuss and confident.

    I like when the gay guy gives him a stare…Nick is such a good sport.

  4. noodles

    HA! Jessica lost. He’s smelling like a rose these days whereas she looks like a has been. Doing Maxim covers now? Ohhhh Jess… what happened?

    She and Britney should start an “I Left the Wrong Man” club.

  5. Sammy

    I would agree. Nick has really taken the high road and come out on top. Not only did he prove to be loyal (throughout his relationship), but he’s any girl/guy’s idea of a perfect mate. Masculine, sexy (without trying) and low key.

    Lets hope that the pubic continues to show its dislike of Jessica when her “pop” album comes out this Fall. God, those two sisters sing worse than nails scratching a chalk board for five minutes.

  6. Steff

    Thats stupid. I doubt shes regretting her decision for a reason as idiotic as, “hes looking yummy these days.” He looks the same as before, if shes still upset its because its hard to get over someone you loved/been with for so long. Quite a few of those comments just sound so shallow and ridiculous,and its foolish to assume you really knew what went on in their relationship. You dont have the ‘inside scoop’, you dont know what went on…I doubt even the people closest to them really knew what was going on in the relationship. You could hear a one-sided story, but the fact is only the people invloved can say what the relationship was like and why they split.

  7. Kevin

    That’s weird, I saw the exact same commercial with Ben Affleck only it was for the UK version of Axe called Lynx. I guess Benn Affleck is more popular overseas…

  8. Nick is Awesome!! I’ll buy 2 copies of his album just to piss Jessica off. She was a fool to dump him, cause she thought she is some big A list star and he is only B list. But guess what…

    Nick you rock. Jess your a Fugly slut with far to much surgery to ever look naturally beautiful.
    GO NICK GO NICK GO NICK. Number #1 hits all the way baby!!

  9. here’s the link

  10. Small Fry

    I have to agree with MaddyBoy, he’s hot in a no-fuss kind of way. He seems to be himself most of the time, which is not normal for Hollywood.

  11. EDith

    Thats a good commercial I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and stupid jessica needs to retire Biatch!!!!!

  12. EDith

    Thats a good commercial I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and stupid jessica needs to retire Biatch!!!!!

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