Nick Lachey And Vanessa Minnillo?

March 30th, 2006 // 10 Comments

Nick Lachey is making the rounds. The latest rumor is that he’s gotten cozy with MTV’s Vanessa Minnillo. The couple were getting all hot and bothered at W Union Square’s Underbar. At least he’s keeping his women within the MTV family.

Seems like just yesterday that Nick Lachey was linked with Laguna Beach‘s Kristin Cavallari. So why was he getting hot and heavy with sexy young TV host Vanessa Minnillo in New York City on Monday?

The two were in a flimsily curtained-off area at the W Union Square’s Underbar. “Nick’s a single guy,” is all a Lachey pal will say.

A source says Lachey, 32, and Minnillo, 25, were doing an R-rated bump-and-grind. “I saw tongues on skin,” says the source.

The next night, the pair dined with friends at Fiamma in SoHo then went on to hotel 60 Thompson, where they stayed until nearly 1:30 a.m. when they seen hopping into a cab with several pals.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. What’s that you say? MY Nick, with Minnelli? Liza? Oh my God Oh my God Oh my…..

  2. tia

    Nick is a single guy doin what the hell he wants to do .. he is not tied down anymore and he can do whatever he pleases. Who cares if he is messin with Vanessa. I think she is very very pretty and sweet. I got the chance to meet her once and she is extremly polite. Nick is livin the single life to the fullest extent. Let him bump and grind with whomever. Besides after being with Jessica .. he deserves to bump and grind with a real woman like Vanessa. Do your thug dizzle Nick :)

  3. I absolutely love love love them together-vanessa is a million times better than jessica and that laguna bitch girl (put 2gether)-i say u go boy do ya thang! He will finally get a break from blonde idiots with 42 chromosomes like jessica simpshit !

  4. my2cents

    He is all smiles these days…seems like he is so over Jessica..who? He is getting all of the attention.

  5. maryanne29

    I dread the day, and I know it’s coming, that I come to this site and see the headline: “Nick Lachey and Tara Reid”

  6. Jesssucks

    Vanessa’s much much more beautiful than Jessica and Kristin. She’s got that exotic thing goin. At least Nick’s got some taste now.

  7. anona

    I knew it was only a matter of time before Nick got with some brown girls!! Now I can’t wait for him to get with Beyonce!!!

  8. sweeterboyfriendstealer

    yikes! vanessa looks like she could touch you and youd burst into flames shes so freakin sexxxxyy!!!! im so glad pple finally SEE THE LIGHT that K-Cav is just a red carpet/media/tabloid whore who is blowing her way to the top. then really throws out her tru cheap slutty self by cheating him with her ex, brody jenner, because after she dumped him when jenner’s mom divorced his step dad, the billionare grammy winner…then she shows her TRU colours by dating lachey so she can ensure shes STILL “famous”, then cheats on him with jenner because she found out (“like, YES!” said shitstin) he still had his hefty trust funds. hey, once a golddigger, always a cheap skany golddigger.

  9. robert delaney

    supp. vanessa’s my cousinn. talk trash kids. see who’s hxc

  10. sweeterboyfriendstealer

    oh yeah, and dont forget how her UPN abortion failed after 2 episodes..,…..ha ha and then the producers told her on her BIRTHDAY!!! again, look above, thats how she stays in the freakin tabloids
    i wouldnt peel that street urchin off the bottom of my miu mius with rubber gloves dipped in CIPRO!!!

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