Nick Lachey And Jessica Simpson Hug

January 24th, 2006 // 7 Comments

For the couple’s next encounter, Nick will do a light brush of the hand over her sweater, which may lead to some heavy petting.

Nick Lachey was spotted secretly rendez-wooing in the midnight hour with supposedly estranged, allegedly soon-to-be-ex wife Jessica Simpson — only this time Nick wasn’t singing… he was HUGGING! Last week I scooped that Nick showed up on the sidewalk outside the Simpson family’s Encino pad and warbled a love song under Jessica’s window, a la Romeo — but she never emerged to play Juliet. This time, my spywitness spotted the star-crossed couple strolling the streets of the gated community under the pale moonlight — and watched as they actually HUGGED each other before Nick took off in that silver Mercedes! (Just a song and a hug, folks, but…?) Stay tuned.

I’m finding the warbling story a tad hard to believe.

Exclusive: Nick & Jess Seen Hugging [myway]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Kelsey

    god…will these two just go away? and someone tell pimp simpson to stuff a sock in it

  2. Fugly Girl

    I can’t stand her, but I do feel very sorry for him. He seems heartbroken. I know I know, he’s probably just as much to blame for the breakup, but it’s easier for me to side with the hot man!

  3. Netty

    Get over her Nick! This girl was a virgin when u married her, she obviously wants to play the field!

  4. taytay

    she really can’t dress for shit…these days you throw on a black sweater w/ matching black boots and you’re a “STYLE ICON”…good god…i guess the jackie O’s days have gone kaput!!!…

  5. Forget about her Lachey, shes yee hah but….but, but…if youre like me oh so many girls are yee ****ing hah wooooh!!, you know so do your thing, and see what actions are forthcoming. Mayhap things have evolved to the point you no longer have ‘er and find right elsewhere.

  6. Jessy

    all of you are retards because Jessica Simpson is the shit!!!!!

  7. Gina

    She looks like the shit…..but her brain “IS” shit! ….He deserves sooo much better….. Poor guy.

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