Nick Lachey And Jessica Simpson Hug

For the couple’s next encounter, Nick will do a light brush of the hand over her sweater, which may lead to some heavy petting.

Nick Lachey was spotted secretly rendez-wooing in the midnight hour with supposedly estranged, allegedly soon-to-be-ex wife Jessica Simpson — only this time Nick wasn’t singing… he was HUGGING! Last week I scooped that Nick showed up on the sidewalk outside the Simpson family’s Encino pad and warbled a love song under Jessica’s window, a la Romeo — but she never emerged to play Juliet. This time, my spywitness spotted the star-crossed couple strolling the streets of the gated community under the pale moonlight — and watched as they actually HUGGED each other before Nick took off in that silver Mercedes! (Just a song and a hug, folks, but…?) Stay tuned.

I’m finding the warbling story a tad hard to believe.

Exclusive: Nick & Jess Seen Hugging [myway]