Career Highlight For Nick Lachey

February 15th, 2008 // 8 Comments

He should just ride a Big Wheel around next. I like Nick Lachey. He’s a big dumb jock type (who doesn’t like those) but he still had the common sense to offload that dumbass he was shacked up with. The one with the constantly open mouth and the direct-to-DVD movies. Granted, his next bim wasn’t that big of an improvement. Who does softcore pseudo-dyke knife porn layouts with Lindsay Lohan? But she was a step up. Here’s Nick at the 40th Anniversary Celebration for Hot Wheels. I hope the check was big. He helped unveil a jeweled 23 carat car with 2,600 blue, white, and black diamonds. It’s commemorating the 4 Billionth Hot Wheels car. Who the hell plays with Hot Wheels anymore? That’s like kids who still play with marbles or the original iteration of Zelda on Nintendo. Why don’t you just play with two cups and a string as a phone? Lame! Jesus, catch up! Barbie collects anime, and Ken was just killed playing “the choking game”. Look it up.

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12 more photos of Nick Lachey at the Hot Wheels 40th Anniversary Celebration after the jump.

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By J. Harvey

  1. But still! A jeweled car!

  2. Nanc'

    Umm, Love ya, J. Harvey but I didn’t think HE dumped HER and oh, I don’t know…after seeing his new “bim” naked, I’m not so sure he traded up.

  3. lj

    They are going to auction off the car for charity. It’s for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America. That’s why Nick is there, he is their rep.

  4. B R Girl

    Yum, those beautiful blue eyes and yummy lips. I love looking at Nick. I think he is too cute for Vanessa.

  5. pkl

    My 2 year old loves those cars and Nick is soooo cute.

  6. circuslion

    LMAO @ “Two cups and a string as a phone”

  7. anonymous

    I can’t be mad at a man who has no talent but, finds work a la Paris Hilton, by pimping other peoples products.

    Hope the check was big.

  8. nely2008

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