Nick Jonas & The Administration Announce Tour Dates

We suspected this what Nick Jonas was planning to tell fans, when he teased on Twitter that he would be making a big announcement today. The 17-year-old pop star is ready to take his band on the road without his two other brothers, Kevin and Joe Jonas.

According to Nick’s MySpace blog, “The tour will feature the songs from Nick Jonas & The Administration’s Who I Am as well as some surprise cover songs and a handful of Jonas Brothers songs that are personal to Nick.”

Of his side project outside the realm of his family band, the Jonas Brothers, Nick has said, “With this tour we’re going to try to accomplish the same thing we did in the studio. That’s capturing some heart and soul in the music, and having fun doing it.”

In a recent statement released by Kevin and Joe, the two brothers once again reassured fans that the Jonas Brothers will go on. “We know that we will be doing music together for the rest of our lives…A three-chord strand is not easily broken, and one thing’s for sure…this three chord strand is stronger now than it’s ever been.”

How harmonious.

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