Nick Favors a Ukulele

While taking a break from touring to watch Snickers fans sing their nougat covered hearts out Nick Lachey lent his expert judgment. At the Snickers® “Satisfaction Sing-Off” Michael Beaudoin won the vote of Nick. With a strum of his ukulele and a few versus describing how Snickers turns him into a superhero Michael walked away with $25,000 and a hand shake from Mr. Lachey himself.

The final stage of the national event took place at House of Blues in Hollywood. Where the contestants had already been narrowed down to three. Nick was impressed with Beaudoin’s lyrics with mad rhymes like:

Rich milk chocolate lets me fly,
Watch me as I pass you by.
Creamy caramel helps me read your mind.
Crunchy peanuts make me strong,
For all the villains I take on.
Chewy nougat helps me save mankind.
I’m satisfied with Snickers by my side.
My best friend.
I’m a hero ’til the end.

I know, I know, slow news day. Just be thankful it wasn’t Federline up their singing to save his “nuts.”

Michael Beaudoin Wins Snickers(R) Satisfaction Sing-Off and Walks Off Stage $25,000 Richer [Yahoo]

Written by Cara Harrington

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