Nick Carter Doesn’t Care about Paris Hilton Anymore

August 8th, 2007 // 17 Comments


During the process of promoting their new single, “Inconsolable,” Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys chatted with a NYC radio station morning show and revealed that his feelings toward ex-girlfriend Paris Hilton were pretty much non-existent. On the air, Carter could be heard saying:

“[Bandmate] Howie asked me that question this morning: ‘You don’t think about her no more? You ever wish you could be back with her?’ To be honest, no. I don’t even care anymore,” he said, before adding, “I think half of America doesn’t care either.”

To be fair, saying that only half of America feels apathetic toward Paris is a pretty generous assumption. He could have said the entire country. But, I guess it makes sense, considering the way things ended between the two.

“I got tired of the rumors surrounding our relationship and the constant on and off status.”

I wish he would have said, “And quite frankly, all of her humanitarian efforts were keeping her from spending time, working on the relationship,” just to be a dick. I would have, but that’s because I am a dick.


More photos of Paris Hilton playing in the ocean after the jump.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. nymphetomine

    Lisa, you’re too funny. Has anyone seen pictures of Nick now??? He was overweight & lost his cuteness, but he lost over 40lbs & is back to being a hot young thing. Of course, I tend to gravitate to the younger guys. More energy!!

  2. Darth Paul

    Nick is gross, thin or fat.

  3. Courtney

    The 14 year old who still lives inside me will always have a special place in her heart for Nicholas Gene Carter. And twenty-something me hates that I know his middle name.

  4. Victoria

    I have to agree with Nick……..I AM SICK OF ANY NEWS ABOUT PH

  5. Frida

    Good for him!Paris is gross. And yea I’m still in love with him ha!

  6. Kate

    Heard the interview onair. He tried several times to avoid talking about her at all, but the DJs just kept at him. He is REALLY looking good, gorgeous in fact! Good for him.

  7. I’d want to avoid talking about it too!

  8. Callie

    I have to agree with Nick 100 percent… I am very sick of news about PH.

  9. maha

    I am very happy that nick leave paris hilton cause i hate paris.But Nick you are sooooooooo cute dont worry,its ok.Dont care about her anymore.Cause i will never see u in pain.Lots of huggies.

  10. suha carter

    i dun care abt paris
    paris suxs
    paris is rubbish
    nick is the treasure
    he so sweet simple sexy n sensual
    i eally love him
    he rulz in my heart
    i dun kno y u guys bothering y he left hilton or stupid things abt hilton
    but it was the best thing nick did. trow hwr away
    i love u nick

  11. caroline

    Nick,you are the most beautiful men I have seen.I am with u.I think u find another girl,who is honest.I love u a lot.U r my Idol.

  12. pooja-india

    Nick,I love u & I hate paris.You r the most beautiful men in the world.U r so sweet,hansome & attractive.I love U……….

  13. catvil

    paris is bitch,she used mens,she’s never deserve u nick,you deserve a queen like u king,and everybody dreams to win your heart,better 4 u to leave her,i think ur happy now,i love u so much

  14. ikram

    i love u nick you’re the bestevery body love u in algeria iwish for u a happy life

  15. shalisha

    Can any of you spell?

  16. mahtab

    yes,leave her.I think It it better 4 u.she cant love u u are the best baby.

  17. Emily

    She called me Miss Perfect and tried to steal my Knight In Shining Armor, I may now have body piercing or tattoos but that doesn’t mean I’m perfect. I wearing pretty clothes, jewelry, and ties my hair in ribbons and bows. I’m a princess and Paris isn’t.

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