Nick Carter Doesn’t Care about Paris Hilton Anymore


During the process of promoting their new single, “Inconsolable,” Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys chatted with a NYC radio station morning show and revealed that his feelings toward ex-girlfriend Paris Hilton were pretty much non-existent. On the air, Carter could be heard saying:

“[Bandmate] Howie asked me that question this morning: ‘You don’t think about her no more? You ever wish you could be back with her?’ To be honest, no. I don’t even care anymore,” he said, before adding, “I think half of America doesn’t care either.”

To be fair, saying that only half of America feels apathetic toward Paris is a pretty generous assumption. He could have said the entire country. But, I guess it makes sense, considering the way things ended between the two.

“I got tired of the rumors surrounding our relationship and the constant on and off status.”

I wish he would have said, “And quite frankly, all of her humanitarian efforts were keeping her from spending time, working on the relationship,” just to be a dick. I would have, but that’s because I am a dick.


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