Nick Steele Seduces Us With His Smile

Model Nick Steele
Check out these pics from actor/model Nick Steele.
Look who is back! It’s Nick Steele!

Celebrity and Vogue photographer Greg Lotus shot Nick Steele for LA Models portfolio update. The shoot took place earlier this month at a private residence in the Hollywood Hills. The shoot was designed to have a relaxed and playful vibe. Nick on Greg:

“As soon as I started shooting with Greg, it became clear why he is one of the most sought-after photographers in the world; I had fun the whole time. Greg shoots in a calm, relaxing manner, his trained eye knowing exactly what he wants to capture. Direction was given with ease and nothing felt forced. Time definitely flew by on that shoot. Greg’s positive energy shines through his work, and I’m happy to see that same energy in these shots.”

How gorgeous is that smile? How cut are those abs? For some reason I’m suddenly in the mood to hit up a rodeo or list to some Tim McGraw tunes. 

If you know what’s good for you, stop doing what you’re doing and click through the gallery to see more of Nick Steele and that smile!

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