Nick Lachey, Vanessa And Their Baby Bump Grab Lunch [PHOTOS]

Vanessa Minnillo teetered to and from lunch in Beverly Hills with husband Nick Lachey, who was looking a bit short.  This would be acceptable were his name Doug Hutchinson, but we love Lachey.  I think it’s the hat and the fitted polo that are throwing me off.

Minnillo (who is in her second trimester) recently told Parade about her pregnancy diet.  “I think it’s important to let yourself indulge but what I eat, what I put into my body, goes directly to my baby. It makes you think, ‘Do I really want to get that Snickers bar snack or do I want to get a bowl of fruit?’ So then I go for the fruit and the antioxidants.”

Lachey gave photographers the Thumbs Up before getting into his car. ILYNL.

Are the parents-to-be going to keep the sex of their baby a secret?  “We are going to find out the sex and share it with our family at the shower,” the Wipeout host told the Huffington Post.

And what if it’s a boy?  “Nick has always wanted to name the baby Colin,” Minnillo said.  “I also said my husband would name the first boy and I will name the first girl. So I was like, if I have a boy, what do you want to name him? And he was, like, ‘Colin.’ And I never argued with him until I got married. I got pregnant, and then I said, ‘about that name!’ We have settled on a girl’s name. We both love it, but I can’t say what it is.”

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