Nick Lachey Strolling About Around NYC

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Vanessa Loves Nick
A photo collection of Nick and Vanessa Lachey being cute
Soon-to-be-daddy Nick Lachey was seen out and about in New York City yesterday, March 7th, after he played guest co-host with Kelly Ripa on Live! With Kelly.

The former 98 Degrees lead singer and husband to preggers Vanessa Minnillo  talked about his role during the big day and what he expects to do to help Vanessa birth their child.  ‘I’m gonna be there, I’m gonna be supportively there, holding hands, and coaching, breathing, all that good stuff. But apparently I won’t be down below, seeing what’s happening. I’ll be up above, helping.’  He goes on to share that he already has some experience in the delivery room, acting as camera man during the delivery of a buddy’s baby.

I asked him, ‘How do you want me to handle this, do you want me to get in there and get the detail?’ And he said, ‘Yeah.’ We all got very close that day.’ 

Okay.  I don’t care how close a buddy is to my future hubby, he is in no way, going anywhere near my vageen with a camera.  That time should be intimate, between my husband and myself (and our doctor and nurses), so I wouldn’t want to see some random’s head bobbing around filming what’s going on with my privates.

Regardless, it’s super cute how excited Nick seems about his expanding family.  I’m glad that everything is working out for the pair, especially since his ex, Jessica Simpson is about to pop at any moment with her own bundle of joy.  I don’t mean to sound a bit competitive, but I’ve always been a bit more on Team Lachey than Simpson.  Not that it’s anything of Jess’ doing.  Her dad, Joe, creeps the crap out of me.

Anywhoo, mazel tov to Nick and Vanessa!  I’m sure they’re going to make amazing parents!