Nick Lachey Happy To Be Marrying Into A ‘Normal’ Family

Nick Lachey has learned one very important lesson from his divorce to Jessica Simpson: make sure you like your in-laws. But sources say Lachey loves his fiance Vanessa Mannillo’s family who are a perfectly normal bunch.

“Vanessa’s folks are so amazing,” a friend of Vanessa’s said. “They are not parents who live through their daughter’s success; they’re not desperate to find a place for themselves in the entertainment business. They are simply parents who just want their daughter to be happy.”

As for the wedding, Lachey (pictured at the Today Show on Monday) will also be doing things differently this time. It’ll be a scaled-back affair unlike his first blow-out, media-covered wedding.

“It’s going to be a small, intimate wedding with just close friends and family,” an insider says of the low-key couple. “They would like it to be as private a day as possible.”

Oh yeah, and most importantly, this time there will be no reality shows.