Nick, Kevin & Joe Jonas Get Their Party On In New York, New Song About Miley Cyrus? [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

October 13th, 2012 // Leave a Comment

What better way to kick off the weekend than with the Jonas Brothers looking snazzy?

Nick, Kevin & Joe Jonas were all about the suits and the partying in New York this week after playing their sold out concert at Radio City Music Hall. The trio, plus Kevin’s wife Danielle Deleasa, were spotted making their way into NYC’s famed Darby restaurant for a night of partying.

It’s much appreciated that all of the boys suited up so nicely for the occasion, although we really need to have a talk with Joe about the shirts he chooses to wear. This isn’t the first time he’s offended us with his choice. Now, we all know that Nick and Miley Cyrus were quite the item back in the day, but is the young JoBro still writing songs about his ex?

The answer: most likely! At their concert, the brothers debuted a few new songs said to be on their next album, although the one getting the most buzz is a track called “Wedding Bells”. In the song, Nick croons about hearing that someone he loved is getting married and how he doesn’t “want to hear/those wedding bells chime.”

As we all know, Miley is due to be married to hottie Liam Hemsworth pretty soon, so judging from that, it’s pretty obviously it’s about her. In a little preface found on some of the videos, Nick says that although he did write this song, it’s not how he’s feeling anymore. Sure Nick, sure.

Check out a video of the song below and tell us if you think it’s all about Ms. Cyrus. Also, it’s actually a really beautiful song. And don’t forget to check out all the photos of the brothers looking fancy in the gallery!

By Sabba Rahbar

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