Nick Jonas Is A Shy Boy, Still Blushes

Who knew that Nick Jonas is shy? I mean, it’s not something you think could be possible after being part of The Jonas Brothers mania and having girls climbing up all over you. Well, I guess every heartthrob has their surprise. Nick’s shyness was particularly evident for the E! News reporter who caught up with the 18-year-old singer after a performance of Hairspray at the Hollywood Bowl.

If any of you saw the show, then you know that the audience was filled with mass-hysteria anytime Nick entered the stage. But that wasn’t even the craziest part! That was at the stage door where mothers and their children tried to hustle their way in. “Oh, man it’s pretty intense,” Nick said. “Too much sometimes.”

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And as for that blush? When the reporter asked him how his cast-mates must feel about “Nick-mania” he blushed. At which point the reporter asked herself, “Do people still do that in Hollywood?” For Nick, though, even if the Nick obsession is scary, he takes it in stride. He venturing out of the theatre through the hoards of girls. Sure he had to stop and sign autographs and take pictures, but he seemed to just be happy that people cared about him.

Nick’s girlfriend Delta Goodrem was around for the performances as well. I guess things are still going strong even after a Jonas family dinner. Well done you two. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go watch all the clips available on the interwebs. What do you guys think about shy celebs? Is it endearing? Is Nick Jonas fine? Do you wish you were in our gallery of fans attacking Nick with papers to sign? Let us know in the comments!