Nick Jonas Opens Up About His Diabetes & How A Miley Cyrus Type Is His Dream Woman

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Nick Jonas seems like a real down to earth guy.

Recently, he went solo to the Buyer & Cellar premiere and hung with his brothers at the O Music Awards.

The young 20-year-old has been dealing with type one diabetes since he was age 12, but hasn’t let that stop him from staying healthy and going after his dreams. According to Huffington Post, Jonas has to be diligent with his health in order to keep performing well.

“It’s a daily struggle. From the time I was diagnosed, almost eight years ago, until now, it’s just been about taking it day by day and really trying to find the small victories. You know, because it’s really unpredictable,” Nick said, “I think that I have to be extra cautious when it comes to physical activity and just how it affects my blood sugar and all that. But I’ve been able to find a good balance and it’s actually helped me in a lot of ways and definitely made me feel better all around.”

Seen here, Nick Jonas poses in his home for a Twitter photo which garnered him many compliments from his female fans. Considering Nick has struggled with his health, it looks like he is doing all the right things to keep in shape! When asked about what female mate would be his ideal, Nick pointed to the type of confidence like his good friend Miley Cyrus seems to emanate. And it seems she feels the same way about her buddy Nick!