Nick Jonas ‘Obviously’ Cares About His Girlfriend

November 7th, 2013 // Leave a Comment
Nick Jonas and Olivia Culpo

Sure she’s Miss Universe, that means the stars, the sun, the sky and whatever else is out there but Nick Jonas sees past all that.

However, you’re not fooling anyone Nick! You may see past it but we’re sure it’s a bonus. Jonas is amazed at how much work his new girlfriend has done in the last year and a half.

I bet it was a nice trip away from all the drama with his brothers. Nick and girlfriend Olivia Culpo adorned each other as they attended the Miss Universe Pageant dinner in Moscow, Russia.

Olivia will pass on her crown and sash on Saturday to one of the 86 universe hopefuls.

“She’s obviously someone I care a lot about, so I’m happy to be here and it’s a nice trip for me to just come and enjoy.” Well, we sure hope so Nick (duh!).

Not trying to be rude but I don’t hear wedding bells for this couple. Do you? Comment below and let us know!

By Amanda Jones

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